Winter has never looked better for Natives ski and snowboard instructors

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EA Ski and Snowboard Training

The training portion is wrapping up and the first of the EA Ski and Snowboard interns are starting their work placements as qualified instructors in time for the busy season! You know that saying… you have to make hay while the sun shines, and while the metaphorical sun may not be shining as more snow falls on northern hemisphere resorts, there are loads of people turning up in Canada, Japan, USA and Europe ready to learn how to ski and snowboard.

99% Pass Rate

The newly qualified instructors are eager to hit the ground running as instructors and with a 99% exam pass rate maintained throughout the courses, the dream of an exciting winter gap year or the start to a fulfilling career in the snowsports industry, has now become a reality.

Working Ski and Snowboard Instructors

It’s been a full on few weeks for EA Ski and Snowboard interns who have successfully completed their welcome orientation, moved into training accommodation and will now be employed by some of the biggest name resorts in the world. Interns can now call Big White, Cypress, Lake Louise, Verbier and Hakuba home for the next few months as they gain the all-important on the job experience.

Snow Conditions

Conditions have been unreal, particularly in Canada, with some resorts reporting record starts to the winter season. This is sure to result in more work and more riding or skiing time for EA Interns who are making the most of the great conditions.

Apply now for next winter

If you are considering a winter gap year, some on snow work experience or a career as a ski and snowboard instructor, now is a great time to see if you qualify for an EA Ski and Snowboard training program or internship. Visa requirements, particularly in Canada, require you to get in now to confirm your eligibility and start the visa process. The qualified team at EA Ski and Snowboard Training can talk you through everything you need to know and get you on your way to an exciting winter season.

Apply now with EA Ski and Snowboard Training

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