Win a SkiRail Map of the Alps

04 November 2010 15:38

Snow TrainAnother new business that we came across at the London Ski and Snowboard Show was the first edition of the ‘SkiRail Map of the Alps’.

The map shows, for the first time, the position of over 400 ski resorts across the six main Alpine countries in relation to the rail network, with detailed information on over 120 resorts which are directly accessible by train.  

Win a copy for yourself
It's great news for anyone who's been thinking of train travel as a way of reducing their carbon emissions.  Even better news is that we have two copies available as prizes.  If you'd like a copy for yourself, please drop  stating which resort you'd like to travel to by train.  Your entry will go into the draw, which will be made at the end of November.

Bringing together a wealth of information, the SkiRail map enables the adventurous, independent traveller to escape from the package-holiday conveyor belt, and discover little known corners of the Alps whilst minimising their impact on the environment.

civilised way to travel
Natives can speak from personal experience  that travelling by train is a superb way to observe some of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes. It's way less stressful than travelling by train - no security dramas, no weight restrictions, no equipment fees, plus you can get up and move around, as well as marvel at incredible feats of engineering from the spectacular viaducts perched hundreds of metres above frozen rivers, to the high-speed tracks along the banks of the vast Alpine lakes.

Cut your carbon emissions
The map also shows journey times to the Alps from cities in over 10 European countries, and comparisons of carbon emissions (rail travel typically generates just 10%-15% of the equivalent trip by plane). 

Ski Rail Map
Over 120 rail-served resorts
Surprisingly, they have calculated that there are 120 rail-served resorts, and resort info is provided on the extent and difficulty of the skiing, the amount of cross-country skiing, the altitude range and vertical drop, and the time it takes to reach the resort by train from the nearest major city. 

The map features the classic Alpine resorts in Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland as well as many lesser known destinations in Germany and Slovenia.   Detailed information is provided on how to reach resorts including connections with airports, where to change trains, and how to reach the ski lifts from the resort train station.

Buy a copy
Maps can be ordered from the Roger Lascelles website   or by calling 01255 870595 

The SkiRail Map shows how the pieces of the Alpine jigsaw puzzle fit together, and opens up countless opportunities for independent, winter-sports adventures using the fantastic rail services which criss-cross the mountains. The map can be used to reach the world-class, big-name resorts by train such as Chamonix, Zermatt and St Anton, but it also offers an enticing route to the smaller, little-known destinations where accommodation, lift passes and equipment hire are a fraction of the usual price, and lift queues rarely encountered.

Reduce Alpine pollution
The Alpine valleys suffer enormously from motor-traffic induced pollution – ozone smog and noise pollution are often as severe as in urban areas, intensified by the climate and topography of the valleys. Road traffic also poses a much greater safety threat to local communities and travellers alike than rail, and the wider prospect of global warming in the Alps threatens the livelihoods of the many thousands of local people who depend on winter sports custom.

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