04 August 2004

Whitepod At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Menwith Hill military base ‘golf balls’ had relocated to the Swiss Alps, but this is in fact Whitepod. Whitepod is the new eco retreat that perches at an altitude of 1700m, high above Villars in Switzerland.

The Whitepod camp consists of “five pods (dome shaped tents) pitched on raised wooden platforms around a traditional Alpine chalet.” Each of these pods serves as a double or single bedroom; complete with wood burning stove and hi-tech insulation to keep you warm all night long. The chalet houses the dining room, bar (complete with an array of local wines), and library.

Whitepod was the brainchild of Swiss local, Sofia de Meyer. The idea was to create a retreat that was peaceful and beautiful, while maintaining the strong ecological principles that locals have for the mountains.

To ensure that you make the most of your time at the camp, Whitepod uses the services of two local mountain guides to provide an array of activities, such as snowshoeing, off-piste skiing, and heli-skiing. The guides are also trained instructors and are able to give group lessons in virtually every type of skiing and snowboarding.

After a long day on the mountain your dinner is prepared by their resident chef and you can help yourself to drinks at the bar all night long.

For more information about the Whitepod camp, visit their website.

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