Succesful GAP season for Altitude Ski & Snowboard students

By natives_cs, 1 Apr '15 at 10:54

Altitude Ski and Snowboard School in Verbier is one of many ski schools offering Gap courses in the Alps.

This season, we had 3 groups of students participating in the 10 week Gap Course during the winter season. After 7 weeks of training, 3 weeks of exams and a lot of entertaining social activities we can now say it has been one of the most successful seasons ever!

The groups have been great and achieved a high pass rate in their BASI level 2 ski instructor exams. Here is a short summary of the course written by some of our students:

Tess Boller – We have just completed our first two weeks of training and so far everyone in the group is having a fantastic time here in Verbier. The first week of training was mostly made up of exercises based on the basics of skiing: from balance and posture to snow-ploughs; we practiced our teaching skills and began to improve on our technique. At the weekend most students got to experience Verbier’s fantastic nightlife at Pub Mont Fort, The Loft and Twin Peaks. Luckily enough with Altitude, Gap Students can get great discounts at most establishments, which means there wasn’t too much of a hole in our pockets (for most people at least!).

Alice Gilbert – The BASI Gap students joined the group lessons with the Altitude instructors so we could learn teaching techniques and gain experience towards our BASI Level 2. We were given three different Altitude instructors to shadow, with groups of varied ages and abilities. Shadowing involves following the instructors whilst they give lessons, learning useful drills and activities and even getting a chance to lead the group. By far the most challenging, yet rewarding, was to shadow the polar bear groups and by the end of the week everyone was sad to say goodbye to the kids! We all learnt a lot and really enjoyed these two weeks.

Tori Redmond - After completing the BASI GAP Course some of us were lucky enough to be employed by Altitude Ski School. The new instructors were assigned to a variety of group and private lessons with children aged between 3 and 9. All of us thoroughly enjoyed the week of instructing, everyone was met with different challenges; from managing a group of 3 year olds experiencing their first time on skis to encouraging a nervous 9 year old to ski to her full potential. My client for the week was a lovely 9 year old girl called Maddie. On our first day Maddie was quite nervous so we stuck to some gentle blue runs. Throughout the week we did lots of fun exercises to help improve her technique and we tried a couple of red runs. We also had a go on the small jumps in the snow park and Maddie even mastered her first black!

It was a pleasure having our Gap Course students in Verbier this season and some are already planning on coming back next season to train for the BASI Level 3 and teach for Altitude Ski School.

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