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By awall, 25 Apr '14 at 16:24

For 2014, Liberty Skis re-released the Helix, their best selling model. This go anywhere ski has been hit with nothing but positive reviews, plus ever since I'd seen last seasons model being used by a pal out in Whistler, BC I'd been dying to give the Helix a go.

“The Helix is our best selling model for a reason. No matter where you live, or what type of snow you encounter, the Helix will handle it with stability and ease. Enough width to float, energetic bamboo laminate core, Stealth Rocker for easy turn initiation and tremendous torsional rigidity combine in the perfect storm of ski versatility.”

I know old school skiers will probably see this as a 'wider' ski, but let me assure you, this can be used all over the mountain. I've a friend who used last years model as his everyday ski last season and had nothing but great things to say about it.

I got to test the Helix out in Val Thorens, France a few weeks ago. Pretty standard end of season conditions with a lot of icy groomers in the morning combined with some slushy bumps in the afternoon.

Liberty 2014 Helix 187cm
Price: £450 (Ski Only)
Turning Radius (m) 25.5

Test Conditions
Icy Piste in morning with slush in the afternoon.

The Helix handled remarkably well in the icy conditions, in an ideal world I'd have liked to have given them a chance in the fresh snow but unfortunately there was none on the couple of days I got to test them.

Considering I’m used to skiing on something a bit shorter, the 187 really didn't feel as long as I thought it would. If anything, it made carving down the wide groomers all the more enjoyable. Carving with this ski really wasn't a problem despite a slightly wider waist than traditional carving skis.

The 'Stealth Rocker' combined with the Bamboo core made for a great all round ski that held the piste quite similar to it's slimmer brother, the Sequence. Did I mention that the ski is also extremely lightweight for a ski of its size?

Rider in Mind
If you're a skier who skis on the piste but spends just as much, if not more time off it, then I'd highly advise this ski. Plus, I love the fact that I didn't see anyone else on the mountain with this ski.

Also, if you're into ski touring, a friend of mine had a touring binding on his 2013 Helix's and used them most days in the back country (lucky b******).

Would I buy this ski? Yes.

If you're after a go-anywhere ski that's a bit different from the conventional Salomon, Rossignol and K2 skis, then you can't really go wrong with the Helix.

Take a look at Liberty's site to see what they have to say about the ski and check out local stockists: Liberty Helix 2014

Words by Alex Wall

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