RESPRT BLOGGER: Catch up with Sarah in Courchevel!

By adamrowden, 24 Feb '14 at 10:59

Catch up with Sarah in Courchevel! It's been a while, why not see what she has been up to?

Salut from sunny Courchevel! I'm sorry to have left it so long between posts, a lot has been going on up here in the mountains...

So shortly after my last post, I was lucky enough to have my first ski day; we had been granted the day off from training and couldn't wait to hit the slopes from La Tania, our second and last training stop before Courchevel (not Meribel as previously thought - I was moved resort at the last minute). Although in desperate need of a fresh dump of snow, it was amazing to get back out there and enjoy the mountain air after looking at the pistes wistfully from a stuffy classroom or kitchen.

However after a few hours flying down the slopes and enjoying the crisp mountain air we were brought rudely back to earth - on entering or chalet, we found that our rooms had been ransacked and every laptop, iPod and phone was gone. The thieves had gotten in through a balcony door and made off with the lot. Thankfully the skis and boots left in the garage were safe (to be honest it would have been much worse if we'd lost those!!). No one was hurt but it was definitely a lesson learnt - even chalet towns are subject to the normal criminal elements so make sure you keep your things safe if you're hitting the slopes this year!

So it's been a bit tricky to write down everything that's happened without the help of a laptop but my Auntie has very kindly sent me a replacement now that I've arrived and settled in Courchevel Moriond (1650 to most people). It is funny though how little you use technology on a season; without much access to the internet you begin filling your evenings with trips to the pub instead! In a way it's a good thing as you get to know the seasonnaire community in the town and make some friends from outside work. You hear some amazing stories and get to network a bit - I'm already planning my next season with their help!!

I am absolutely loving the experience so far, having seen in New Years standing on the piste in 1850 enjoying a DJ set and some awesome fireworks, copious amounts of toffee vodka and skiing every single day. I can't recommend this enough! Of course there are downsides too - as a chalet host I'm up at 6.30 every day, and have to be chirpy and cheerful for my guests even if I'm feeling tired and grumpy and there are targets to hit which can be a bit stressful. It's broken a couple of people - of the full team, 2 reps and 2 hosts have gone home. However I think if you're mentally and physically prepared for the work hard play hard lifestyle, you'll handle it just fine (that and making use of a constant supply of vitamins and power naps!!).

I hope to get these posts back on track so keep an eye out for them - I'm sure there will be many an embarrassing and ridiculous story to come...!

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