RESORT BLOGGER: The sun is shining in Meribel!

By adamrowden, 1 Apr '14 at 09:20

Catch up with Sarah in Meribel!

Let the sun shine, let the sun shine....

After it absolutely dumping it down with snow for the past few weeks the sun has decided to shine in Courchevel! The snow is soft and powdery, making excellent conditions for off piste exploring. The areas under the Chanrossa and Marmottes lifts are to die for in these conditions, so if you're out here, check them out.

As a Scot, I'm pretty much prepared to ski in any weather conditions, as absolutely anything is an improvement on hailstones being driven into your face at 60mph whilst icicles begin to grow from your chin. Therefore I made the most of the misty and cold days, enjoying the near empty slopes and accidentally skiing off a drop-off or two whilst I could - even got some serious time in the family park to practice boxes without being mocked by the local french children. Saying that, the sun coming out has made everything that little bit more magical (except my face, which is now royally sunburnt).

This week I've been adventuring - for weeks now I've heard people talking about the "la Tania trees" and assumed they were talking about the nearby runs but it turns out there is some absolutely incredible off-piste from the Plantrey run down. Kickers and jumps abound, and there are a few hairy bits where you've got to be able to turn fast! Combined with the soft powder it's an amazing adventure and well deserved of the copious praise it receives!

Another high point in the week was ski testing with the Boot Lab - I tried a pair of Noridca El Capo's, a fat off-piste ski with a desire to go fast and float along beautifully. I've never tried out proper powder skis before so it was quite an experience - having to get used to my weight being so far back was a struggle, and I found I was fighting them a bit. Not surprising considering they were 15cm taller than I am! It was a relief to get back on my Majesty Local Beauties, though perhaps not for the queue of people I crashed into after forgetting how light my skis were in comparison to the Capos!

On the chalet front, life has been GOOD! My guests this week were wonderful, if a bit fond of the red wine (though that's not a bad thing)! Two groups of four came to stay and by the end of the week they were close friends. This was quite apparent this morning when one of the guys awoke to find the entirety of the chalet guests in his room, jumping on his bed! Anyway, it's transfer day again and for once I haven't been up since 4am, so I'm a happy bunny. I've managed to catch up on sleep after last weeks 3am-11pm shift despite having two rather large nights out including one trip to "La Klinic". It has to be seen to be believed!

I hope you're all keeping well and are hitting the slopes soon,

S x

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