RESORT BLOGGER: Second update from Jack in Flaine

By adamrowden, 29 Jan '14 at 09:03

Catch up with Jack, our seasonaire blogger in Flaine...

So Christmas Day comes round, its actually snowing for once... by that I mean it never has for me in the UK. Got my gear on, with a festive hat and went on the mountain. It was pretty much a white out, we got off the gondola to be greeted with everyone waiting for a brave soul to enter the white wall, you couldn't see further than 10-15 meters ahead of you. Plus I currently didn't bring my goggles (school boy error) so I put my sunglasses on and made the best of it, which wasn't very good.

It was myself and two other reps Laura and Phil and we kind of stuck together, not really knowing where the piste was or leads to we took the idea of if we are going down its fine... about 10 minutes in I see a ski with no one around it, then see Phil with a ski missing, during my laughter I caught an edge made a couple of heroic flips and finally landed face up the mountain. From that stage I put my turkey hat on now filled with snow and we made it back down. So Christmas was a good time.

Moving onto New Years, the new group of guests who were really friendly, only had 1 problem which was a family rented snowboards for 3 days and the bindings kept falling off the board itself. Upon closer inspection the screw threads were ruined so couldn't hold themselves in the board so a huge batch of boards had to be sent back to the supplier... that shall not be named... Tut tut.

Other than that, the week went pretty smoothly, New Years Eve we went to 'The White Pub' a few reps and guests all having fun, ready for the count down then someone looks at their watch 12:03 am. Well.... Happy New Year! No countdown, nothing, so that was odd but hey it was a good night.

On a more interesting note I have been teaching a few reps (Zoe, Tom, Laura and Tim) within resort how to snowboard, well I say teach them, it felt more like watch what I do... and I bomb it down the mountain, but really it was fun teaching them. So on various occasions I explained that the green run was too flat to teach falling leaf or turns etc... so a few decided to go up the mountain on a blue run named Mephisto. It was quiet and still a bit of powder so nice learning environment.

Falling leaf is the first step and they picked it up pretty much straight away using their balance on the board to direct themselves down the mountain. So far so good, then the renegade of the group Tim who is a neilson rep has had experience on a wakeboard. His habit of leaning back got him on his bum plenty of times followed by a witty "I meant to stop here". His tuition for the day was me saying "Lean on your front foot to gain control" he understood but didn't do it, I'm tempted to record that point on his mp3 and play it loop whilst he sleeps...

Overall it has been good teaching them, hopefully they have enjoyed it. Once I get good enough at boarding I'm seriously thinking of becoming a board instructor. It fits in well with my previous coaching and one of my hobbies. So yer thats what has happened so far. Life is good, can't complain too much, I hope everyone had an awesome new year party and I hope you have an excellent 2014, speak to you all soon!

This blog’s mountain song of choice: 19-2000 Souldchild Remix - Gorillaz

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