RESORT BLOGGER: Sarah takes time to discuss Courchevel's nightlife

By adamrowden, 24 Feb '14 at 11:03

Time for a review of the Courchevel nightlife from our very own Sarah!

Bonjour tout le monde, ca va?!?

Today I am feeling very French indeed. I've managed to have a full conversation with the delivery driver IN FRENCH. Yes it was mostly classroom stuff but it's a start...

Anyway, this is going to be the party post! I've had many a night out in Courchevel 1650 and La Tania, and it's about time I told you all about the good places to visit around here!!

I'll start at the bottom of the hill in La Tania - a small village which although only ten minutes drive from Meribel Village (who has a car around here anyway?!), is easily accessible by piste from the Courchevel valley. It is home to two very popular haunts - La Taiga and Pub Le Ski Lodge (affectionately known as Slodge!). La Taiga is half restaurant, half bar, but. 100% full whenever Bring Your Sisters play on a Sunday night! Although the buses are infrequent from the higher villages, it is immensely popular and definitely worth it. Throw your coats on the roof of the bar and have a little dance (it's too crowded to have a big one!). Ski Lodge is a great stop too; whether for lunch (a burger and a Demi for €15 euros, yes please!), the football or a couple of toffee vodkas late at night, the atmosphere is fun and the bar staff are welcoming, not to mention easy on the eye ;)

Most of the time however my flatmates and I find ourselves making the same 3 stops in Courchevel 1650 - Bubble Bar, Boulotte and Funky Fox. Bubble bar is often super busy by 11pm, and has live DJ's and bands most nights. It's a popular haunt for the younger crowd, so things can get a bit hyper!

Boulotte bar next door is closer to what you'd recognise as a pub; wooden panels, bar stools and the all important pork scratchings, this place offers full English breakfasts (believe me, there is not enough of this in the alps!!) and has a cosy atmosphere. Probably the best place for a decent catchup with your mates.

However the jewel in the Courchevel crown is definitely the Funky Fox with excellent food during the day and an awesome party atmosphere at night! The Fox draws in a crowd almost every night - if there's a DJ, live band or Johnny on his trusty laptop behind the bar, the dance floor fills up! Also never have I had such a variety of drinks, most of which I couldn't even name. I don't know if that's worrying or actually pretty cool...

Amazingly, it turns out there is a CLUB in 1650. Unfortunately it is called 'The Clinic'. I'm sorry but if you told someone you were going to 'the clinic' back home they'd probably judge you and wonder why you were sharing your private health issues so openly...! At €8 for a Demi it's not exactly a great pit stop but it's usually free to enter so if you're not done dancing (am I ever??) it's the place to go until 4am.

Like I've previously said, there's a great seasonnaire crowd in the bars, arguably making up the majority of punters some nights. For that reason it's pretty quiet on Fridays and Saturdays as the stress and fatigue of transfer days takes its toll on the already worn out population. Don't worry, we always make up for it on Sunday! Get out here and we'll show you a good time, Courch style!

Lots of love and bisoux,

S x

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