RESORT BLOGGER: Laura's whiplash in La Rosière!

By adamrowden, 29 Jan '14 at 09:58

Check out the third blog from the fantastic Laura in La Rosiere...

Woohoo.... Whiplash!

After skiing black runs and tree lines all of yesterday, a bloody BLUE run caught me out 2 minutes from home. Man, that was a heavy fall, worst fall I've ever had. Massive smack to the head, whiplash, twisted arm and pulled calf muscles.

I am going to be serious, helmets are a must. I mean, I'm whizzing down some runs at unthinkable speeds, there's nothing to protect you. No roll bars, no seat belt or airbags. That lump of mush in your skull is pretty vital to life, please please ski safe and protect it. I dread to think what would have happened yesterday if I hadn't forked out 40€. Not a lot of money, is it?

Back to the fun side though. It's January, which means resorts all over Europe are quiet. Less guests equals less work EQUALS more ski time!

There's been a couple of feet of snow now here in La Rosière, one chalet owner was seen to be dancing in the corridor singing "it's not over, it's not ovverrr". Cos let's face it, we thought it was!

The guests have been okay, my staff are chilled out and grateful for a couple of extra days off due to one chalet not opening, which means no hassle for me.

My boyfriend did a 3 hour hike for fresh tracks on Montvalezan last week, so that kept him happy. I know off piste gets a lot of bad press. He's very experienced and went with two friends he knows and trusts and they have all the equipment. He knows the dangers and respects the mountain. And also has a bright head on his shoulders. After that we had some prosecco with old friends and tried a new restaurant on the Italian side... There was free vin chaud outside. Rude not too.


Some of the best skiing you'll find in a resort won't be on a piste map (hell, they don't want you to get there first!). Just listen to the locals and take advice seriously. Most resorts will offer off piste lessons, or have a designated snowcross where you can get some powder lines if you wanna give it a go.

We also did some tree runs through Italy, attached is a photo of Rob jumping off a roof... Don't worry, the owners weren't in! It got a little tight towards the bottom and both skis simultaneously ejected me. So we cranked up the din.

So the snows here, the powders good, the slopes are empty and (once I'm healed) there's plenty to ski!

Ski on, ski safe!

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