Resort Blogger George on February in Avoriaz and Morzine

By adamrowden, 7 Mar '13 at 09:19

Here is another update from George, our resort blogger in Avoriaz... Enjoy!

February has been a month of two halves. The first fortnight consisted mainly of powder snow and epic conditions, followed by a two week period of sunshine, punters, pistes and the park.

For the first ten days it snowed every day. You’d find yourself half buried on chairlifts only to find the tracks you had just made had already been covered up by a luscious layer of comfy neige. Cue endless laps of pillow lines, cliff drops and tree runs leaving your beard all white and your mouth all bent upwards. After a ten minute man up session a few friends and I jumped off the ‘big bertha’ drop – a feat quickly overshadowed by Mikey Nur’s disgustingly dense and worryingly weighty nut sack as he span off a far greater cliff in the presence of Oli Godbold and his sharp lense. In short, the snow was epic. Skiing in deep, fresh snow is just a ridiculous amount of fun and comes in a close third on the ‘Planet Earth’s best activity list’, only pipped by barrelling waves and Bananagram.

Also on the awesome Alpine activity list is mountain biking on snow! Mark and Laurent are running a smart operation from the beginners plateau in Avoriaz where you’ll meet just after lifts close. They’ll provide you with a hench downhill mountain bike and take you riding around the empty slopes. Get to grips with gliding your rear wheel around turns and take in the sunset before getting skidoo lifts to the next piste. Highly recommended and not something you’ll forget in a hurry! Get in touch with Laurent either on or 0033 (0) 614524182.

In Morzine, February brought a particularly dense and copious breed of pedestrian. Seemingly overwhelmed by the presence of ski equipment and snow they became oblivious to the complex concept of cars and roads. When not stumbling awkwardly along the roads they also enjoy tying themselves in impressive knots on lifts and pistes. A ‘tangle’ of punters, I believe, is the correct collective term. Who knew the limb/ski/pole/chair lift combo could form such a mess? Still, everyone starts as a beginner and whilst the thousands of people in resort during the half term week can be frustrating, it’s an interesting mix of people and most of them are loving life in the mountains.

Up at the Avoriaz Alpine Ski School it’s all been kicking off. We made the most of the snow and ran many backcountry tours, hikes and avalanche safety training sessions earlier on in the month before digging out the hut just in time for half term. Teams of sprogs came and were so keen that many were caught frothing at the mouth as the skies went blue and ski school went into overdrive. The ten instructors (together packing nearly 10 thousand years’ snowsport experience) took teams of 5 to 15 year olds around the mountains and showed them the ropes. Learning to ski is one of the best life skills you can acquire and starting young is a huge advantage. After nailing their blue and red ski awards everyone met back at the hut each lunchtime ready for the vin chaud and sunshine to create a festival like atmosphere. What a week! Keep up with ski school goings on on the Facebook page.

Our sponsored Mogul Skier Ben Cavet also found time out from his international circuit to swim around in Avoriaz, huck a few backflips and drop a cliff or two. All in a day’s play before returning to the grind – winning the Megeve Europa cup mogul competition before February’s end.

Back at Chalet Nantegue the garden has been looking mighty sharp. A few team building sessions gave birth to some sexy features which combine perfectly with spotlights, speakers and barbeques. All that’s left is for Josh to engage his flabby ass and initiate the promised purchase of a communal trampoline. By April this chalet will have harvested a fresh crop of snowsport ninjas with no hint of a beer belly in sight...

Sam Benard came and flashed his camera skills for a week. Check out his other snaps here.

Mike’s cliff flight - courtesy of Oliver Godbold Photography.

Here’s the meeting point on the Avoriaz Plateau

Ben pole-camming. Not telling you where though!

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