RESORT BLOGGER: Final post from Sarah!

By adamrowden, 12 May '14 at 10:32

The last blog from Sarah...

If the mountains had mouths, they would definitely be saying "GO AWAY PLEASE, ITS HOMETIME". Instead they become patchy and form streams to carry away the remaining snow, reminding everyone that it's that time of year - the end of the season. The lack of snow may stop us getting on the slopes but it certainly doesn't stop us finding new ways to have fun!

Instead of moping around, the resorts come alive with charity events, live outdoor music, Valley Rallys and lots of closing/farewell parties. The 3 Valleys Charity Day in Meribel Village being one of them - over €23,000 was raised for French Cancer Research and Sebastian's Action Trust with acts such as the Dub Pistols, the best (read: most interesting) dance off I've ever seen and an incredible BBQ and Hog Roast. The effort put in by all was amazing, an the event itself was an absolute blast! Shout out definitely goes to Aubin and JJ for the BEST fancy dress costume I've ever seen - building your own hot tub is one thing but committing to wearing it all day? Brilliant!

Another amazing event was the 3 Valley Ralley from Courchevel 1650. Scaling all three peaks of the 3 valleys whilst undertaking crazy challenges like protecting an inflatable banana, egg roulette and racing by "swimming" through the snow made it an exhausting but hilarious day, topped off by another amazing BBQ (bit of a theme going here...). By complete accident our team was in first place for most of the race (believe me, we were as surprised as everyone else) but were pipped to the post by the ESF - surely if you have international ski champions on your team it's a bit unfair... or am I just bitter?!

However it wasn't all BBQ's - the Ski Lodge put on its annual Seasonnaire Awards during the infamous shot night and as expected, the place got hit HARD! Ibiza Rocks came to Folie Douce to celebrate all things retro with Retro Rentals and Les Deux Roux - by far the best apres I've had all season!

So all in all, the end of the season shouldn't be a time of dread or depression, but time to celebrate and get rid of those remaining Euros!

This week I've seen many a Facebook status from my fellow seasonnaires recapping their time in the Alps; new friends made, the injuries sustained, the hard periods (Christmas) and of course the amazing times. This blog post is my ode to the season, a massive thank you to all the people who made it the amazing experience that it was and a way to remember all the good times I had with them. I've honestly learned quite a lot and have made a few mental notes as to what to do differently next year. Yeah you heard, I'll be back....!

Lots of love from Courchevel for the last time this Winter season!

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