RESORT BLOGGER: Catch up with George in Morzine/Avoriaz

By adamrowden, 13 Jan '14 at 12:11

Catch up with George, our resort blogger in Morzine/Avoriaz and find out how his December was...

You know when you choose the snooze function on your alarm in the morning and then close your eyes for 10 more precious seconds under the sheets before waking up an hour later? Well that’s what December felt like in Morzine and Avoriaz. It came and went quicker than Usain Bolt on speed and now it’s January. Unlike last season I can’t fill my blog describing how deep and dry the champagne powder has been. We had a dry spell worse than Peter Crouch’s school days and didn’t see a single snow flake for nearly three weeks. It wasn’t until Boxing Day when we had a decent dump. Santa came late, but Santa came everywhere.

Nevertheless, an average month in a ski resort is still a filthy amount of fun. Carving on pistes and lapping kickers in the park, whilst not as great as jumping off cliffs and swimming in airy neige, is still a great way to pass time. Add in the après ski sessions catching up with old mates and then a bit of resort nightlife and you’re laughing.

We also saw the return of the Irish jig merchants, the Dixie Micks. After announcing that ‘wer genna play a few fast oirish jigs fer ya’ the four-piece proceeded to do just that. There were violins, banjos, guitars and whistles flying around in all directions and the flutist made Ron Burgundy look like a snotty 11 year old recorder player. They soon worked up frothing hobbit party style atmosphere with people dancing on tables and Guinness splashing on walls. After two hours of encores everyone left with perma-grins only curable by a steaming Mamma's pizza.

Returning to work up at the ski school in Avoriaz has been good crack too. The boss has splashed out on some tasty camera gear and the footage is coming in thick and fast. I spent an afternoon filming our sponsored mogul skier Ben Cavet lapping a powder kicker and hucking off axis 720 backflips. willy nilly. Here’s the video:

He is currently competing at World Cup events in qualification for the Olympics – follow his journey around the globe here.

We have a new park and freeride specialist instructor, Aaron (pictured) and Mark has returned after a winter off jollying around the tropics with a surfboard. These youths compliment the more experienced members of the team, many of them having done more seasons than Shane McConkey has done backflips. One crowd favourite, Jean Marie, emits jolly vibes so infectious he could make a recently widowed menopausal hippo start laughing. His new year resolution? – ‘Nothing, my life is perfect!’.

We all made it through the busy Christmas and New Year period running around like loonies and are salivating at the prospect of an emptier resort throughout January. As I write this splurge there are millions of snowflakes as big as 50 pence coins floating around outside and forecast for over 30cm overnight. Tomorrow and the next few weeks are looking marvellous. Will update you all how it went this time next month.

Our staff clinic day was a great success, we had over 100 seasonaires cashing in on the free lessons and I lugged 6 crates of stubbies up the drag lift for a quick sunset session when everyone got back to the hut.

Despite how manic it is during the busy Christmas/New Year period, it’s always good fun.

My good friend from school came out from the rat race in London for a week letting off steam. Landed a few 540s and nailed his first backflip – check out the hilarious learning curve: -

Oh yeah and we skiid down the home run in our undies to mark the end of 2013 -

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