Powder skiing, cinema and a good old fashioned book: Catch up with Heidi in Morzine

By adamrowden, 19 Feb '13 at 09:13

Heidi is back for the second installment of her blog direct from Morzine. Enjoy...

Hi Guys, back for the second of this month’s Morzine blogs. Wow, is all I can say when it comes to the snow conditions over the last few weeks. It really has been all about the Mountain in Morzine with a bit of après thrown in. A friend’s Facebook status recently said that they had skied so much powder in the last few weeks they had ‘forgotten what a piste looked like’. Can the season get any better? I hope so, it has been Awesome so far.

On the Piste - As the silly season has started we have tended to drive round to Ardent and head straight into Linderet and up and over to Switzerland or Chatel Linga, looking for that all important fresh powder and in most cases recently we have found it. Another great place to head to with the mountain being full of kids in ski schools, is Mont Chery a quick walk over from the bottom of the Les Gets lift. It’s generally quiet and has a restaurant over the back commonly known as the chicken restaurant, due to the live chicken that clucks around the terrace with a sign around its neck saying chicken and chips €14. We will be trying out the Grand Terche in the coming week, which is in St Jean D’aulps and is included on the PDS pass. It’s supposed to be some great skiing and very quiet, a great one for this time of year, updates on that in 2 weeks.

Après – has seen us heading back to our old favourite a lot at the moment, the renowned Bar Robinson on the Rue De Bourg in town. At first glance this place is small, run by two grumpy French ladies, with no music, and they only sell beer and wine but everyone still goes... Why? Mainly because they sell a highly potent beer called Mutzig, a beer you should only drink in demis and for some reason it seems, or it actually is, stronger than any in Morzine, two or three demis and it sets you up for the evening in a highly good mood and once you get to know the ladies a bit more they do warm to you (slightly).

Because the Mountain has been our Mistress for the last few weeks and we haven’t wanted to overdose ourselves on Morzine’s late night life too much, I have found myself doing other more ”normal” things, like heading to the cinema, we have two in Morzine and the Rex on the Rue de Bourg tends to have a least one English film a week. So, last Wednesday armed with a few bars of chocky, we headed down to see Les Mis, it’s like walking back into the old town cinemas of the UK, with slightly more comfortable seats. It really was an amazing film, I found myself wanting to clap at the end like in the theatre. Click here for the next few weeks’ listing, there are a few good movies on the way.

Also on the slightly more normal side, I have strangely found more time to read at the moment and I’m reading a very apt book for anyone living in France, the book is called A Year in the Merde by Stephen Clarke, about a guy who moves over to Paris for work and has to get to grips with the French way of living, very funny and very true in his observations, a book worth reading!!

Having said all that, there still has been nights out, Café Chaud known for being a favourite on a Sunday night has now earned itself a good rep on a Wednesday also, not so busy and packed as the Sunday, but still with a good vibe and a deep house soundtrack. If you are in resort then get yourself down there to have a look.

Restaurants – from my last blog I talked about the trip to the Crepahut, Mark’s place. A great night was had for a friend’s birthday, with entertainment of dancing and games after the copious amount of food and wine had been polished off. We also went to the new Numero Dix (as was) now called Les Vents D’anges by the Maire at the bottom of town, if I’m really honest I wasn’t majorly impressed, I found the food expensive and although nice, not worth the €16 for the starter and the €23 for my main course. However, I do have a good friend that puts on his own sushi nights and I can highly recommend that, if you are lucky enough to get an Invite. (A rare treat in the mountains).

Things to look out for over the next few weeks: Soul in the City, are a fantastic band that are only here this week! They are a soul funk band playing at l'etale today (19/02/2013) at 4pm and the Rhodos tomorrow at 5pm. They are Definitely worth seeing and this week may be your only opportunity to catch them. Soul in the City features the very talented Rachel Tasker, who some people may know as she used to be a seasonaire out here in Morzine!

Bass camp at Opera once again brings us another top night on the 26th with Dj Bloodman, Kevin G and Gebbie, two of these known to most of us, as local seasonaires, promises of live Drum and Base, hip hop and dubstep and only €8 http://www.facebook.com/#!/basscampmorzine?fref=ts

As Mid-season approaches it has been decided that a spot of relaxation is needed so next week I’m heading to Lavey Les Bains, the open air spa, just across the border in Suisse, I will let you know how heavenly that is and if it’s worth a look.

Heidi also runs the aptly named Heidi’s Mountain Chalets. Chek them out here - http://www.heidismorzinemountainskichalets.co.uk/

To read more blogs by Heidi and our other bloggers in resorts around the Alps, click here .

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