More from Laura in The Three Valleys - Eight reasons to keep coming back for more and a cracking day out in Les Arcs

By adamrowden, 18 Feb '13 at 09:38

Here is the third blog from Laura, our seasonaire reporter in La Tania. This week she fills you in on why she keeps coming back for more, after doing 8 seasons, as well as her day trip to Les Arcs. Enjoy...

It's 4pm on friday afternoon. I've been up, worked a few hours, stared at the snow outside, shoveled snow, played in snow all afternoon...and it's still snowing. Snow. Snow. Snow. Standard friday in the mountains. How is your friday?

I've got 8 season notches on my belt so I thought I would share with you 8 reasons why I keep coming back to live in the mountains (In no particular order).

1. The quiet - just nature. Sometimes it feels like it's just me and the tree's.. How's the serenity!?

2. No traffic lights.

3. Le Soleil - I have a whole series of juicy mountain sun rise/sun sets stored in my memory bank.

4. Like minded people - we all come out here for the same reason.

5. No suits. No ties. No stuffy businessmen or cyclists scurrying around trying to get wherever it is that they are going.

6. No shopping malls. And if there is one, it's bound to have an ice rink, ice hockey stadium and rock climbing wall in it.

7. You will never hear a TGI, or a happy, friday! here.. it just doesn't exist for us.

8. No commuting - well, that's if you don't have to catch a ski lift to work.

This week I was off to Les Arcs for my day off. With a Three Valleys lift pass you also get one day to ride on the mountain in Les Arcs. I've never been to any of the other french resorts, and have only been off the mountain once thus far this season, so it was a welcome change. It only takes about an hour and a half to reach the top of Les Arcs from La Tania by car.

It was a great little day trip and I rode pretty much all day, with the skies opening up in the afternoon for some fresh powder lines off-piste in the back of the resort. We were lucky to have someone who knew the area guiding us, which is essential when you're heading to the backcountry, and with all of the recent snowfalls avalanches are a very real risk! Henry's Avalanche Talks is a great website if you're new to the mountains and thirsty to know more. The only downfall of the day was that the lift lines were noticeably busier than the Three Valleys. So far I've found the lift system in La Tania and The Three Valleys to be pretty darn good, even though it's getting busier due to French school holidays and the resort is buzzing again, I've never found myself standing in a lift queue.

Coming up in Courchevel from next week... The 21st February is the International Pyrotechnic art festival. It's a competition for fireworks shows amongst the mountains and should be worth a look if you're lucky enough to be up here enjoying all of this amazing snow that we've had.

My muscles are sore, I've got that post snowboard feeling and because of all of the fresh snow we've been getting this week, it's pretty much been work/snowboard/work. It's been a pretty awesome week in fact. Mid season blues? pffft..

Bien, paix x!

To read more blogs by Laura and our other bloggers in resorts around the Alps, click here .

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