chamjam 2000 - results

results, radio 1 report, more pics

Big Air

1st - Chris Miolane
2nd - Michael Deschenaux
3rd - Pierre Espaglières

1st - Kussi Rasanen
2nd - Eric Gustavsson
3rd - Scott Nixon
Half Pipe

Men's Ski
1st - Dave "Gravy" Keam
2nd - Pierre Espaglières
3rd - Cedric Lafarge

Men's Snowboard
1st - Tony Roos
2nd - Anthon Holland
3rd - Jonny Barr

Women's Snowboard
1st - Juliana Olianti
2nd - Cecilia Boquero
3rd - Wilde Largen
Men's Boarder X

1 - Narcal
2 - Weinlander
3 - DSQ Winkler
4 - DSQ Raitmair

Women's Boarder X

1 - Starinskas
2 - Vilde
3 - Berlioz
4 - Thomson


Boss des Bosses
Winners: Zermatt
Runners Up: Chamonix

Action from the Boss des Bosses


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