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By adamrowden, 19 Feb '13 at 08:43

Here is the second post from Sarah, our seasonaire blogger in Alpe d’Huez. This week you can find out all about the French attitude to vegetarianism, the goings on in chalet kitchens and escaping the ski season bubble for a few hours.

The past two weeks have been epic. I know that sounds cheesy and naff, but really. It’s been awesome.

For one thing, Alpe D’Huez (famous for beautiful sunshine and crap snow) has decided to reverse that completely and has covered the whole resort in beautiful powder, while still throwing in the odd sunshiney day every now and then. I realised I’d become a bit spoilt and was only going out in sunny weather. But last week I promised some guests I’d take them out on my day off. And it was snowing, and cloudy and any other day I’d have looked out the window and thought: “f*&k it, I’m staying in bed.”

But I’m really glad I did – yeah, I couldn’t see anything (hence the general lack of photos this week) but the snow was beautiful and the mountain was so quiet. It was such a fantastic feeling just gliding without a care in the world. It made me realise, that every now and then, when it’s a good powder day I’m going to forget about the poor visibility and go out there and enjoy it. Because I hate skiing on ice, and that’s what the sun tends to give us.

At work we’ve been going through various different games to keep ourselves amused. Last week was the dessert challenge. I didn’t really take part because I knew full well that I would end up with crème brulee or chocolate torte, or whatever dessert for that night was, all down my service garbs. Here are the basic rules: the chef plated up four extra desserts at dinner and whoever chose to participate had to eat the entire dessert as quickly as possible without using their hands. Things got messy, and to be completely honest I was never entirely sure who won.

Who says work has to be the boring part of a ski season?

When you’re working a ski season you start to get trapped in a little bubble (and some people love that bubble). I was really craving the real world, so when I got the chance to go down the mountain I was all over it. I bought new bedding (definite luxury, didn’t realise how sick I’d get of hotel sheets). I also had a Subway. It was quite frankly amazing, since I’d been craving one since I got here – when I lived in London I’d have a Sub for lunch at least three times a week. Although it did once again prove to me that the French still don’t quite understand vegetarianism – ordering just cheese and no meat was quite difficult – I don’t speak much French at the best of times. It also got me out of resort for a little bit, and even though I missed out on skiing (it was a whiteout day anyway) it was definitely worth it.

It’s now half term. It’s sunny (in fact it isn’t supposed to snow here until Friday, which could make the slopes a bit yucky, especially since ADH is south-facing). It’s the busiest I’ve ever seen the resort – yet you catch the scare chair over to Auris for some peace and quiet.

The powder has more or less disappeared now, and all the seasonnaires are praying for another downpour – and realising just how lucky we’ve been. ADH is notoriously snowshort, yet we haven’t had a single week since we’ve been here where there hasn’t been powder. As always it’s a trade-off between gorgeous weather and gorgeous snow, but I’m starting to lean more towards the snowy side of the fence. Sod the daily 9-5 routine. My routine is work-ski-work. And I’m still loving it.

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