Catch up with Lorna in Val Thorens for her second seasonaire blog!

By adamrowden, 11 Mar '13 at 09:10

Here she is...

It’s been a strange few weeks- the weather hasn’t been able to decide what it wants to do (naturally). I ended my last blog being surrounded by thick, fluffy powder with the snow falling fresh pretty much every day. Point de la Masse in Les Menuires became our favourite part of the mountain as the white stuff was left almost untouched and there was not another soul in sight, giving the illusion you had the entire Alps to yourself, even just for the duration of the run. Then it turned warm. I mean, summer-sun, too-hot-to-ski warm. I made the mistake of going out in thermals (top and bottom), all my layers plus my thick ski jacket. By the end I wanted to pass out! But that didn’t last too long as Val Thorens was attacked by strong, gale force winds which saw all the chairlifts stopped for two days. Waking up to see all of the chairlifts dead still was pretty unnerving. Worse still, none of us in the apartment had been skiing the previous day as we’d all been so hungover (more of that later). Right snow, we’re getting a little bit of rain which is starting to make the slopes a little bit slushy.

We’ve had so many visitors in the past few weeks. My flatmate Katy’s sister came out for a week to surprise her, renting a room directly underneath ours (which turned out to be very convenient). Unfortunately I was in on the secret and keeping it was almost impossible. I had to invent a reason for Katy to get out of bed at stupid o’clock in the morning to answer the door when I was already up and had no excuse for why I couldn’t answer it myself. But as one of our seasonaire friends celebrated his birthday that week too we ended up having the most fun week, spending our afternoons basking in the sun, raving at La Folie Douce and drinking beers like we were back at Uni.

This month I’ve also managed to get the worst injuries I’ve had all season. No, not from attempting a switch 180 or carving at 60mph down a practically vertical black run. These injuries actually came from tobogganing. Trying to stay in the narrow run whilst attempting to turn sharply round the corners that come at you with no warning hurts! A few times I flew off piste, at one point crashing hard into one of the coloured poles that attempts to keep skiers out of the toboggan run (without success- everyone skis down there). As fun as it is, expect large, black bruises to form on your now fragile body. Katy’s mum (who was also visiting) even managed to fracture her rib. Use this as a warning!

So we’ve set ourselves a couple of challenges for the upcoming weeks. We’re going to attempt the ‘Three Valleys Escapade’- a lift company-operated challenge to ski to 18 (as of 2012) check points around the Three Valleys ski area. Our goal is to do this in as few hours as we can manage. It is rumoured that this has been achieved in 6 hours. I’m not saying we’re going to beat that, but we’re sure going to try! We’re also having an apartment-off against some friends we’ve made out here. There are four rounds- pool, darts, boarder cross, and a blindfolded skiing race (when we find an empty slope- don’t really want any innocent deaths on our hands). So far my apartment is winning after thrashing them in a tournament of pool. Updates to follow…

At Folie for Alex's birthday

Matt Finding himself in trouble


That hoodie was definitely too big for me

During the Pool tournament

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