British Ski Cross Series 08 - results

30 May 2008 10:23

The first event in the five stage British Ski Cross 08 series took place at the weekend, at Sno!Zone Castleford, and what a succes it was!

Racing through the turnsThe first of its kind
25 May 2008 saw the opening round of the British Ski Cross Series kick off at SNO!zone, Castleford, as 60 skiers hit the slopes to try their hand in the first ever British Series of events.

With very few Ski Cross events run for British athletes across the UK, the British Series has attracted a great amount of attention from skiers of all levels from both racing and freestyle backgrounds, and as competitors arrived at the venue on the Saturday evening it was clear that this would be something new for everyone.

On Saturday evening, the course opened and the competitors had the first chance to practice before heading up to the Alibi Pretox Riders Lounge for drinks. The talk around the bar was that the course was bigger and tougher than anything anyone had seen built in a snowdome before; a tribute to the hard work of Aidan Harrington and his course team. As the DJs played and the Alibi flowed, the talk in the Riders Lounge turned to who the favourite for the following day’s competition was, and which parts of the course were likely to cause the problems.

Racing through the turnsPretenders to the crown
As the time trials kicked off the following day it became clear that while those competitors with a race pedigree would present a strong challenge, they wouldn’t have it all their own way. Double British Champion Andy Roose was forced out with an injury after falling hard in the notorious camel bumps, and British Freestyle Team member Martin Nankoo led the field. As more and more skiers stepped up to lay down their qualifying runs, which were to be used to determine start orders in the knock out rounds, Ashley Hill came to the front of the pack with an attacking run. His time stayed at the top of the leader board for almost a full hour until just five minutes before the end of qualifying when Sheffield based skier James Kane blew the field away with the fastest time of the day by over half a second.

As the afternoon knock out rounds began the results stayed true to form, with number one seeds Harriet Steggles, Max Baggio and Ashley Hill all progressing to the finals in their respective groups. The Senior field saw the first upset of the day as top seed and event favourite James Kane collided with Max Hardy over the final jump and Hardy recovered quickest to progress to the final alongside 2nd seed Kenny Morton, and Loughborough University’s Phil Harris and Martin Nankoo.

Squished and squashed
The Women’s Final was first up and hard fought from the starting gates as female favourite Harriet Steggles was squashed out on the first corner and lost a ski in the subsequent crash. From there the race was always going to belong to 15-year-old Jasmine Taylor, who cruised down to take first place, ahead of Alex Houston and Gracie Lake, and book her place in the Super Final.

The Youth Males Final saw the expected result but in a roundabout way. Top seed Max Baggio took the victory after making contact with the other three youngsters in corner two, an incident that resulted in all the other competitors loosing a ski. While Sam Houston finished off the podium, Max Moss pushed Luke Riddell into 3rd place after passing him on one foot over the final jump into the finish.

With the spectators still on tenterhooks following the thrills and spills of the first two finals, the Junior Males brought yet more surprises as Ashley Hill, Marek Benkhe and Jon Sutcliffe crashed, allowing the composed Jacob Lawless to pick his way through the carnage to take the win. Benkhe and Sutcliffe followed him down in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Ducking and diving
As the competitors in the Senior Male Final left the start gate it looked as though the underdogs would triumph again – top seeds James Kane and Jake Richardson had already been knocked out, and the one remaining seed Kenny Morton was muscled out by Martin Nankoo into the camel bumps as he fought to avoid a huge crash with Phil Harris. As Morton and Nankoo headed towards the finish line Nankoo celebrated his victory with a stylish trick over the final jump only to see Morton dive under his skis and cross the finish line first. As Max Hardy took the final step on the podium Morton headed back up to the start for the Super Final, which would decide the winners of the day’s cash prizes.

The winners with Emily SarsfeldWith the four section finalists lined up, Taylor, Baggio, Lawless and Morton, spectators flooded to the bottom of the slope to watch the Super Final to a thumping track selected by event Guest DJ Ivy Taylor. As they exploded out of the start, all eager to get their hands on the cash, Morton’s experience under pressure on the British Team paid off, leading Baggio and Taylor into the 2nd corner. As they exited the bend, female winner Jasmine Taylor tried an audacious overtake, only to end up inverted, crashing through the safety netting and onto the piste below. While she was unhurt, it did spell the end for the Super Final for her, and meant Kenny Morton picked up the first title of the British Ski Cross series, with Max Baggio and Jacob Lawless also finishing in the points.

With the competitions over and all involved delighted with the success, prize giving began in the Alibi Riders Lounge, with the winners displayed on the big screens and Atomic’s Emily Sarsfield – Britain’s World Cup Ski Cross Star – handing out prizes, cash and most importantly the exclusive Hype Events trophy to the victors of Round One. We've got all the results from the first leg here...

 Men              Women                Youth   Juniors  
 1stKenny Morton  1stJasmine Taylor        1stMax Baggio         1stJacob Lawless 
 2ndMartin Nankoo  2ndAlex Houston   2ndMax Moss   2ndMarek Benkhe 
 3rdMax Hardy   3rdGracie Lake  3rdLuke Riddell   3rdJon Sutcliffe 

The British Ski Cross Series would not be possible without its highly supportive sponsors: SNO!zone, Atomic Skis, d3o, futur-3, Head Skis & Oakley
Media partners: Natives, Ski Club Great Britain & Metro Snow

And if you've want to see your name in lights you've still got a chance as the following events are still to come:

RoundLocation Date  


Braehead14/15 June 


Milton Keynes12/13 July  


Braehead16/17 August 


Milton Keynes20/21 September 

Book your place in advance at Hype Events.

The British Skier X
These events are hosted by
SNO!zone venues at Xscape and they are the only British Ski Cross Series, supported by Snowsport GB, who will be at all five events with their beady eyes on the scout for winners, who will be offered the opportunity to join the British Ski Cross Team. There are plenty of prizes up for grabs for male and female competitors, as well as all three age categories (Youth, Junior and Senior) and with cash prizes to play for the overall series's not a competition to be missed!

Great weekend line up
All five of the events are jam packed, with a pre-event warm up party on the Saturday night and free practice from 6pm to the tune of the guest DJs, there will also be the opportunity for equipment testing. The real competition begins early doors, at 10am on the Sunday, with time trials and head to heads, along with the beat of yet more guest DJs, MCs, equipment tests and sponsor promos from Atomic, Head, Salomon, SNO!zone, Futur-3, Oakley, Uvex, Leki & Holmenkol.

Sounds like your kind of thing?

If you're in it to win it or just want to come along and enjoy the buzz of these awesome eventsSNO!zone - then get down to SNO!zone;

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