BBC Referendum Coverage Opportunity

By StephEarle, 2 Mar '16 at 10:13

We are looking for British aged 18-24 from currently living in the EU, to take part in Referendum Generation – a project that puts young adults at the heart of BBC programmes and content.

Those who get involved could be guests on Newsnight or Radio 1, grilling politicians or sharing their own views about the EU Referendum debate.

We want to represent young audiences from a wide range of backgrounds in the fullest way possible, so we particularly want to hear from people if:

- You are from a community, area, or background that they believe is not well enough represented by the BBC, or the media more generally.

- You have read this far and thought, “this isn't meant for people like me. I'm not the ‘type’ they’re after”. (If you’ve thought that, chances are you couldn't be more wrong!)

You don’t have to know how you are going to vote, or whether you will vote, or even why you would vote.

You DO need to have something to say for yourself.

This project, getting young people involved in the EU Referendum, follows our previous groups, who were involved in the Scottish Independence Referendum and the General Election 2015.

Young people interested in finding out more should email in the first instance. Include a contact number, and we’ll arrange a time to catch up to discuss the project further.

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