Alpe d'Huez Seasonaire blog: Sarah’s failed bucket list

By adamrowden, 13 Mar '13 at 08:45

Catch up with Sarah in Alpe d'Huez for the next installment of her seasonaire blog...

It’s getting into March… And well into the season.

We’ve realised we’ve only got five weeks of guests left. That’s a little bit crazy and I can’t for the life of me figure out where all the time has gone… All the guests seem to have mingled into one big group that stayed for a couple of weeks or so. Mid-season blues are kicking in for me right now, not because I want to go home, but because I realised that there’s hardly any of my time left here and I have hardly done any of the stuff I set out to. Here’s my (failed) bucket list.

1) Learn to snowboard
Right – I’m a skier, through and through. But I figured, since I’m on a season, and I wouldn’t be wasting precious ski time, since there’d be so much of it, I’d learn to snowboard. Well, I went out a couple of times, the first time (on the nursery slope) I thought I’d cracked it. I was linking turns, I thought I was going to get it. So I went out by myself, I did the button lift and didn’t fall till the last metre, I did a chairlift, also fine. And then I got to a slightly steep slope, couldn’t control the damn thing to save my life, so walked down the slope and home. Turns out it’s really not for me. Also, I still don’t want to be wasting precious ski time by falling down a nursery slope… Maybe I don’t have the perseverance for it, but I’m okay with that.

2) Go on a helicopter ride to Deux Alpes
This one’s not technically my fault, but the joy of a being seasonnaire working for a tour operator, means you only get one day off per week. So, when my parents were down we booked a helicopter ride for my day off. We were all really excited, but it was a bit cloudy in the morning of the ride, so we didn’t get our hopes up. Got to the place, saw the helicopter (it was bigger than I was expecting) and were told we couldn’t go because the weather was going to turn. So we drove over to LDA instead, and it was beautiful sunshine all day. On the other hand, the skiing was fantastic – quite, fresh powder and glorious sunshine.

3) Learn French
All the bars we go to are English. This one was never going to happen.

4) Don’t lose anything
So far it’s only a jacket… Much better than my usual losses of phones and cameras, but still... A bit annoying. Word of advice, don’t take a jacket you like out on a night out…

5) Become a park rat
I haven’t spent nearly enough time in the park for this to happen, what with all the powder we’ve been getting over here. So I still can’t do park, and I still want to die a little bit inside every time my feet leave the ground… It’s just not for me, but that’s fine – because I absolutely love taking photos in the park. Something about getting in the beautiful scenery and capturing the opportune moment really appeals to me.

Actually, that’s about it.

There’s a whole load of things that I set out to do and I actually have done. I’m not a much faster and more confident skier than when I started. I don’t cower at the sound of ice underneath me (although I do sulk a little bit, knowing ice is merely melting and re-frozen powder). I’ve met a heap of fantastic people and have had some great days and nights off. Sure, the snow’s gradually disappearing, and what’s left of it is getting cut up by the half term masses, but everyone’s got good at their jobs. We’re finishing in half the time we used to, and that’s giving us extra slope time and generally making everyone feel better about what they’re doing and why they’re out here.

This week we’re expecting our last massive dump of snow for the season (and hopefully it’s the day after our transfer day – lots of snow means lots of delays, and having to serve dinner at midnight). One of the bars, Etalon, is also putting on a fancy dress treasure hunt – think my team has got our costume ideas sorted, if not the costumes themselves. (How do you do fancy dress in ski gear without using onesies?...)

Bring it on. I don’t think I want it to end… I’m quite happy avoiding the real world.

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