A day in the life of a fresh faced skier...

By KerryNatives, 4 Nov '15 at 11:43

Clumsy, friendly and full of surprises. I’ll be your Natives Marketing Executive for the foreseeable future and I hope to bring you everything you want to see and hear. Whether it’s a light hearted story, what I think about the latest equipment or how to find the best holiday deals (I hope!).

First… I’m going to tell you about my first ever day skiing. Enjoy!

Looking out of the window of the coach as it got steeper up the mountain towards Tignes I began to wonder why I was doing this? “You’ll enjoy it” my partner, Mike assured me, his excited Mother and sister echoing his assurance. I can’t deny the views were spectacular but those sharp cliff edges with the odd car hanging off wasn’t the most comforting feeling!

Waking up the next morning I couldn’t believe my eyes. We opened the curtains to our double room, leading us to a balcony where we stood staring at the most incredible view.

Now to say my first day skiing was eventful would be an understatement. My mother in law found us a nice, easy blue route. Things were going great, I mean the snow wasn’t the best and it was a little icy but after my lessons at Tamworth Snow Dome I thought “I've got this..”, so naive! Coming around the corner I inevitably slipped to my bum, realising why I was wearing such padded trousers.

Mike and his Mother were already ahead, embracing their inner child and racing each other. I was left with my Sister-in-law, no matter how lovely and patient she was there wasn’t much she could do to help being 5'3" and as strong as a spring lamb. So a short while later (and a lot of laughs) I was on my feet and heading in the right direction…. I caught up with Mike and his Mother who were patiently waiting for us, they hadn’t seen my fall around the corner so I figured this was a prime opportunity to show off.

All eyes on me, I was the snow plough Queen (yes, that name stuck for the week!) the wind was running through my hair, I was gaining some speed, feeling confident and as I went to parallel stop for the first time. But my “stop” just didn’t happen….. I sped past them, over the edge and landed on the roof of a little building! “Did you mean to do that?” a French instructor asked, no one was hurt but it’s been the brunt of a joke ever since.

So smooth. Time for afternoon tea? Please!

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