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By adamrowden, 20 Jul '12 at 09:34

Want to know what it's really like working a season? You're in the best place - is the UK's leading seasonal work website and we've got the lowdown on what's involved.

Fly-on-the-wall documentaries from the late 90s would have you believe working a season is a shagfest for young hedonists escaping reality. Hey, we're not denying that is part of it, but the reality is that if you're expecting an easy life you're in for a shock.

This part of Natives is here to help you get past the sun, sex and snow to what it's really like doing a season. And, if it sounds good to you, then you can apply for jobs online.

You can also check out all of our job descriptions here to find out just what it is like doing all sorts of different jobs.

If you have already got a role within a company working in the Alps, and you are here for some advice, then why not check out our complete guide to preparing for a ski season. This article gives you plenty of useful advice from what to take with you to how to get there and more. It is essential that you check this out before embarking on your season.

We also have individual checklists of things to take with you and a more detailed list of ways you can get to resort. You can also click here to find out all about the different types of staff accommodation.

Oh, and we also have information available on getting the correct insurance for a ski season.

Head over to the Natives Forum if you are still looking for some answers to question you may have. Our forum is full of helpful individuals who are always happy to share their vast wealth of knowledge.

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