Work and Travel in Canada 2014

By user41563, 30 Oct '13 at 16:06

To truly experience the vast and changing landscape that is Canada and take in the fascinating and diverse cultures of its people requires time and money. Taking a gap year to become completely immersed in the Canadian way of life is made possible by organisation like Smaller Earth. Their help and support in obtaining all the documentation necessary for working while exploring the stunning natural beauty of the second largest country in the world removes any angst from this thrilling undertaking.

Having a job in the entertainment and leisure industry puts you at the heart of what makes Canada so wonderfully attractive to tourists. Understandably, these jobs are much in demand by students worldwide, but Smaller Earth will ensure that your position is secured prior to departure. November to May is ski season in Canada and Canada’s magnificent resorts offer a variety of jobs from gondola operator to front desk worker. Shared accommodation in on-site staff quarters, or close by makes commuting to work easy and convenient.

Working with others from all corners of the globe exposes you to a large and diverse number of cultures and languages. This not only promotes understanding, but the life skills learned are sure to impress any future employer; all this while your spare time is spent enjoying the spectacular, snow-covered scenery and slopes.

Summer is a great time to explore the splendour of Canada’s wilderness, its magnificent great lakes and the preservation efforts in its national parks. Summer jobs provide many opportunities to explore Canada’s unique approach to maintaining its eco-system and managing its natural resources. It is an experience that can impart life-altering knowledge which may greatly impact your approach to environmental protection on your return home.

Why not find out more about Smaller Earth and our Canada programs?

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