Which ski resort should I go to for my ski season?

By adamrowden, 20 Jul '12 at 09:35

If you are preparing to work a ski season then it might be worth putting a little bit of thought into which resort you would like to live. Some companies will refuse to allocate you a resort until after you have completed your training course, so sometimes you won’t really get a choice, however, don’t be afraid to ask in your interview if there is a resort that tickles your fancy.

Most people will tend to be flexible and go wherever the work is, this is a very good idea, as it makes you far more employable. If you have your heart set on a specific resort then you are vastly narrowing the number of employers able to hire you. But, if you are only wanting to go to a specific resort then good for you, so long as you prepare yourself for the potential disappointment of not being able to find work.

Some people think that all resorts are the same, but these people could not be more wrong. There is no doubt that wherever you go you will end up making some friends for life whilst having an awesome time, but different resorts will offer you different things. For example a larger resort like Méribel offers you plenty more terrain to ride and ski, but you are less like to meet the locals and speak the language and you will also know only a small percentage of your community. Whereas a smaller resort like Barèges may not be able to offer you as many slopes as Méribel but it does offer you all of the things mentioned above that Méribel doesn’t.

For a good idea about the difference between living in larger resorts and smaller towns, read this personal account written by a former seasonaire who worked as a chef in both Meribel and last Val d’Isere, and is preparing to work a season in a smaller town called Valmeinier.

We would never say one resort is better than another. It depends on so many elements - your colleagues, the snow that season, the company you work for and most importantly, you.

Many of the supposed 'big resorts' are living on a reputation, but if you're into your riding or your skiing and would like a little bit of help in deciding then here are a few resorts that we would recommend, to get you started. Although, there are far more out there than just these, so don’t take this word as gospel and ignore any other resorts. If you did that, you would be being very silly.

Val d'Isere
St Anton

Les Deux Alpes
Les Arcs
Park City

For more information about resorts, check out out individual Resort Profiles.

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