staff accommodation...not as bad as it seems

It can get a bit crowded...

Single rooms are rare
You can pretty much guarantee that whoever you work for, unless you’re a senior rep or very lucky that you’ll have to share. So valued are single rooms that a loft or a dank dungeon is viewed with respect.   Space can be at a premium though - this photo, courtesy of George Paterson, from the CdS, gives you an idea...

Living in v. living out
Living in makes turning up for breakfast easy, but it does impinge on your privacy.  Billys, sweet as they are, can always find you, wake you up on your day off to find out where the sugar is and tend to notice when you come in at 2am for what seems in your drunken haze like a quiet snog. 

Living out tends to give more freedom, even if you have to tackle the snow in the mornings.  While sometimes it can be up to 20 minutes or more to get to your chalet, trust us, this will be the best commute of your life!

The dreaded mezzanine...
Most tour operators eke out everything they can from expensive Alpine accommodation by fitting as many people into as small a space as possible. The worst case scenario here is a mezzanine, usually separated from living rooms by a ladder and curtains.

Mezzanine rooms are about the worst possible combination you can have. Not only do you ‘live-in’, but you can’t go to bed earlier than your guests as all you will hear is their game of Trivial Pursuit or Jenga.  Try alcohol or finding a partner you can sleep with instead!


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