What to Take With You

Pack light and take a Magimix
Let’s assume that you’re smart enough to take warm clothes and plenty of ski socks and look at the less obvious.  Try and pack light and don’t worry too much about your employer’s ‘baggage allowance’ of two items each.   If you’re running over, pack the extra in a MagiMix box – it's far too useful to be turned away.

If you’re a rider you may already have a customised board which you should take for street cred value.  If you’re a skier and have boots that fit then definitely take them.  Skis are not so necessary: if you get on well with your local hire shop, you’ll be able to try every type of ski, not worry (as much) about trashing the bases, get them serviced whenever you want and then buy the ones you like best at a discount at the end of the season.

Backcountry Gear
If you're thinking about heading off-piste during your season, then the Holy Trinity of transceiver, probe and shovel are an essential purchase. For more info, check our reviews and online store. Best to leave the dog behind though...

Usually straightforward to get hold of in the mountains, if difficult to buy on your budget.  Take a supply with you though - do you really want the pharmacist (wife of your hire shop owner/sister of your chalet owner) to track your libido?  

Great for keeping your budget money in.

Bum Bag
The easiest way to gather ski pack cash while standing on a coach.

Alarm Clock
Essential – if you don't wake easily try for the most irritating wake-up call possible.  If you don’t get up in the morning, you’ll soon have nothing to get up for.  (Not so good as it sounds!)

Also useful as an alarm clock, more suitable for Pay as you Go users than contract. Many season workers buy a cheap Pay as you Go phone locally. Whichever option you go for, don't forget to sign up for ALPtxt to keep up to date with all the key events in your area.

You will get bored of all your music.  Take as much as you can fit in that MagiMix box.

Visitors’ Book
If you’re running a chalet it’s a great idea to have somewhere for your guests to write their comments. Believe it or not, many will become your friends and your visitors' book will fill with lift-pass photos, poems, paeans to your cooking and reminders of the people you had dinner with six times during each week of the season.

Okay, so not within everyone's budget, but will make your accounts easier and you can still collect your Natives News.   The more entrepreneurial might wish to consider offering an Internet access service and undercut the Internet Cafes.

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