Skiidy Gonzales: How to be a Transfer Driver in the Alps

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There has been a lot of talk over the last year or so about changes to Swiss employment legislation and how this effects the transfer industry. This put a lot of people off applying to be a transfer driver in 2014 and many seasonnaires, who could have been employed last winter, left it too late to apply meaning they couldn't start work in December.

In order to legally work as a transfer driver in France, as well as having the right to work in the EU, you will need the right to work as a driver in Switzerland if you will be picking up passengers from Geneva airport.

To work as a driver out of Geneva, you must:

1. Be "qualified": either hold a C, D, or D1 licence with DQC; or be able to prove 2 years of professional driving experience; or complete additional driving training.

2. Get your qualifications validated by the Swiss authorities.

3. Apply to the Swiss immigration office for the right to work on Swiss soil.

This means that if you want work as a driver for the ski season you should start thinking about applying in in the spring or early summer in order to be able to be legit by the start of the winter.

Skiidy Gonzales ( are recruiting now for both full-time and part-time drivers with either a normal car "B" licence with or without 2 years experience (training available if not) or any of the professional licence categories mentioned above. They do have some 13 seat vehicles so "D" and "D1" qualified drivers are of great interest too.

Skiidy Gonzales are organising training in the UK for future drivers who do not have previous professional experience and have 4 day courses available from late July through until early October to allow you to drive 8 seat minibuses professionally on a normal driving licence.

They also have courses available for drivers wishing to obtain the D1 licence to drive the bigger minibuses.

If you would like to apply, send your CV to: or call +33450373685 (minimum age for applicants: 25).

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