Seasonnaire Checklist: What to Pack?

By natasha.metcalf, 22 Dec '16 at 11:31

Every piece of ski equipment is important, so to avoid leaving something you’ll need at home, take a look at our season failsafe packing list before you leave.


Your thermals should be at the top of your packing list. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced on the mountain you must keep warm. Thermals stop you from becoming dangerously cold by removing moisture from your skin. Good quality thermals don’t always have to cost a fortune, some large supermarkets now sell good value thermals, check them out before spending a fortune!

Do NOT forget underwear, it’s almost impossible to find a reasonably priced clothing shop in many resorts, you will thank yourself when you’re able to get out the shower after a day on the slopes and put on a fresh set, trust me. Ski socks are also a must, they will keep your feet snug and comfortable.

Fleeces and jumpers
Layering is important on the mountain because if you dress accordingly, you won’t feel the cold. On top of your thermal long sleeve top, wear a fleece (100% polyester) and then a woollen jumper. If you don’t already own these, try shopping around for a good price; you can get a fleece for around £10. At that price, you may want to buy two for days when you feel like you need another layer!

It’s worth going the extra mile and spending a bit more money on a high quality jacket, any thick insulated jacket will do the job though. You will also need sealed but breathable trousers (salopettes) with inner gaiters to give you ultimate protection for your legs. Snow boots will be a life saver - most companies require these as part of your uniform, quality ones will last you the whole season.

There is a wide range of gloves specifically designed for skiing, so make sure you find some that are comfortable and waterproof. A beanie hat or a hat that covers your ears is ideal for keeping your head warm. Goggles with lenses that protect your eyes from the sun’s glare on the snow are essential.

Most companies will offer Ski rental as part of your benefits package however if you are planning to rent ski equipment such as skis, it’s good to shop around beforehand to find the best deal in your surrounding area. Booking in advance is usually cheaper and you will find that some shops will suggest the best equipment for you.

Lip salve and sun cream
By the end of season no doubt you’ll be rocking a very hilarious goggle tan. Snow is a strong reflector of the sun, so it is very common for people to become burnt whilst skiing. The UV rays become stronger when you’re at altitude, so using high SPF cream and lip salve to exposed skin such as your face and lips is important to prevent sun damage. It also adds protection against the wind, which can cause skin to become cracked and sore.

Travel adapters
People commonly forget travel adapters when going abroad, and then end up paying an extortionate price at the resort. You need to be able to charge your phone and camera (to make the people back at home jealous). Taking a UK extension lead minimises arguments with roommates over the adapter plug.

Home favourites
You can get pretty home sick on a season; you may want to pack a few home comforts that you can’t live without. Such as Cadburys, branded tea bags, blankets and small throw cushion or photos are always nice touch. Many Seasonnaire’s will tell you how important a laptop is, or a hard drive filled with films and shows for those white out days.

Seaonnaire life can get crazy and feels like you’re constantly on the go. It sounds basic but good hygiene is important for staying healthy (and not smelling out your house mates), shampoo, conditioner, shower gel are the obvious. Remember five months is a long time and you may need extra to last if you’re travelling by coach you can take as much as you can pack. Other essential items may include: dry shampoo, deodorant, face wipes, hand cream (yes even lads - cold weather and cheap cleaning products are a tough combo). Paracetomol, Vitamins and Lemsip always come in useful.

Ready to go

That’s your packing all sorted! If you haven’t quite decided where to stay yet, we have apartments to suit everyone and every budget. For both value and luxury options, take a look at our featured apartments at and whilst you’re hand-picking what to take with you, we’ll hand-pick the best options and extras for your best ski holiday yet!

Stay safe and enjoy!

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