Results Day – What do I do now?

By natives_cs, 12 Aug '15 at 14:58

It’s that time of year – results day! Well done on getting here, it may well be the biggest day in your life so far, and no matter what your results, you deserve to give yourself a pat on the back!
Did you get exactly what you dreamed and fancy a year out or a career with a difference?
Did your results fall a little short and you’re facing the daunting task of the clearing pages?
The inevitable question for you is: What Now?

The Winter Sports Company specialises in ski instructor training courses and snowboard instructor courses, we also have a number of instructor internships available for those that want to qualify and work in the same season. If you love the mountains, but don't like the idea of instructing, check out our ski patrol courses. All courses are listed in detail on our website

Give us a call to discuss your options for the next year or two. We have experience working with students who didn't get what they were looking for on results day and after spending a season with us, haven't looked back - they've skied and boarded the world from season to season in Canada, New Zealand and Europe!
Many of The Winter Sports Company’s previous clients qualified as instructors during gap years and now have the opportunity to spend university breaks teaching their favourite winter sport all over the world.

Don't forget, you have time! Yes, those clearing places might go fairly quickly, but if you have the faintest inkling of doubt, do you really want to commit to a 3 year course and over £35,000 worth of debt?
There is absolutely no harm in taking time to think, take stock of your options and reapply for the university course you really want to do next year.

Contact us to discuss our courses:
01736 763402

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