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Some basic info on some of the main jobs follows. Please bear in mind that there are many other different types of work available not covered here, but you might find this helps.

We know that most of you guys and gals who head over to Natives are looking for a job located in the snowier climes, however, if you have finished your winter season and are still fancy working in the tourism or leisure industry, then hopefully we can be of some use to you.

Here on Natives we advertise many summer roles, some of which are below...

Employer Of The Month: Hotelplan

Looking for a job over the summer? Hotelplan have summer hospitality roles in Italy, Austria, France and Finland, as well as their winter roles.

Chef De Partie? Night Porter? Summer sun?

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General Positions

Chefs and Cooks
There are numerous summer jobs available for chefs and cooks, ranging from working out in the Alps on a 'Lakes and Mountains' programme to event work in the UK and of course yachts. Qualified chefs will find it easier to find work, but as well as cooking the following would be useful: planning and costing of weekly menus; controlling food budgets; staff management of any kitchen team. Languages are not required. There is one day off a week.

Nannies and Children's Representatives
There are a large number of child care jobs during the summer. Typically tour operators look for a minimum age 19, but on occasion it can be possible for younger applicants. These positions are ideal for recently qualified nannies or people with childcare experience who are looking for a challenge.

Nannies tend to have their own crèches, which are run under by a local Nanny Manager. These usually cover children up to the age of 4 or 5, with seperate clubs for older children. It is only working with older children that non-NNEB qualified applicants may be able to get a job and only then if you have childcare experience. Nanny jobs can be for 5 or 6 days, with the one day off.

There can be quite a lot of this sort of work in the summer, either improving winter properties or keeping villas up to date. You need to be at least 21 with a clean driving licence. This is a a varied and unpredictable role which calls for initiative, independence and flexibility. Proven experience in carpentry, plumbing and/or vehicle maintenance/repair experience and general repair/maintenance is essential.

Resort Reps/Managers
Reps are responsible for all aspects of the smooth running of a resort. This can include providing information to the guests, organising day and evening events, dealing with problems and escorting the guests to and from the airport.

You need to be self-motivated with a out-going personality, 21+ and capable of working on your own or as part of a team. Relevant experience in a customer service environment is useful. Stamina and enthusiasm is essential as you tend to work a 6/7 day week. In addition you need to speak French, German, Italian or Spanish to a good conversational level. Resort Managers must be fluent.

Campsite Jobs

Children's Courier
In this type of role the accent is on safety, fun and enjoyment and you will usually be expected to use your imagination to organise your own activity programme for 5 hours per day, 6 days a week. Typically you need to be 18+ and have previous experience of working with groups of children

Campsite Courier
A courier's role is very varied. As well as welcoming customers, preparing and cleaning their accommodation you also need to provide info about the local area, act as an interpreter, as well as completing reports and basic accounts. Typically you need a friendly, helpful attitude and the maturity to deal with any situation, 18+, with a good working knowledge of a major European language would be an advantage.

Montage / Demontage Assistant
This position involves the erection of tents at the beginning of the season, and the dismantling, cleaning and storing of equipment at the season's end. You need self motivation and stamina to work to tight deadlines.

Activity Courier
Organising activities for guests. Much of the emphasis is on planning, advertising, and visiting newly arrived customers to introduce yourself. You should be lively, with both initiative and excellent organisational skills. 18+ with previous experience and an energetic nature to organise group activities.

Site Manager
As well as organising the work duties and rotas for your team, you need to be able to set and maintain excellent service and behavioural standards. You may also be required to lead montage and demontage teams at the beginning and end of the season. Typically you will be 21+, with a good working knowledge of at least one major European language and supervisory experience.

Barging Jobs

Positions are all live in and accommodation is tight. Hours are long and varied, with generally 2 evenings off a week. Briefly, the crews consist of:

Manager - responsible for the overall operation of each barge.
Chef - buys and cooks food for passengers and crew.
Stewardesses - maintain the general upkeep of the barge and serve meals.
Bar Staff - runs the bar and serves wine at meals.
Pilot - pilots, steers and maintains the barge.
Matelot - helps the pilot during cruising and maintains the barge and bicycles.
Driver/Guide - drives and maintains a 30 seat coach, handles daily excursions and transfers.

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Natives: Summer Jobs Guide

Some basic info on some of the main jobs follows. Please bear in mind that there are many other different types of work available not covered here, but you might find this helps.
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