working on a private yacht

Many season workers move on from a season in the Alps to the real glamour job - working on a private yacht.

This type of work can take you all over the world and can pay *very* well. If you're interested in working on a yacht, why not find out what two members of the Club des Saisonniers have to say about it.

Case Study - Tim Chamberlain and Katie Matthews

Tim and Katie both worked as steward/esses on luxury yachts during 1997 and 1999, the first after a winter season in Courchevel where they ran a chalet together.

How do you get this sort of job?

Their advice is similar to that of Chris Alder - get there at the start of April and be prepared to stay for a while.

Tim recommends being prepared to get up at dawn and 'cold-call' at boats. 'You need to be determined,' says Tim, 'You'll get knocked back plenty of times.'

Tim also suggests keeping your CV short - 'Captains and Chief Stewards can't be bothered to read anything much longer than a page'.   Highlighting any relevant experience is also useful, according to Katie. 'If you don't know how to do Silver Service then get busy with the spoon and fork at the backpackers.'

Head to the coast...

As well as Antibes, Katie recommends Golfe-Juan, Cannes (Old Port and New), Monaco, Beaulieu sur Mer, Cap Ferrat and anywhere else along the coast as possible places to find work. Palma de Majorca in Spain and the Italian Riviera are also options that some people ignore..

One final piece of advice from Tim and Katie - 'The service and food is 6 star!  Anyone not up to scratch, will be summarily dismissed.

...or let Natives find a job for you

If you think you fit the bill and would like to work on a yacht, please email us your CV [between the months of March-May only} and we will try to match you to a suitable job. We have excellent relationships with a number of agencies and captains and can arrange for the right candidates to go straight to interview, increasing your chances of finding the right job fast.

Apply at Boats and Outboards
Alternatively there are a wide range of positions available at the Boats and Outboards website.

Case Study 1 - Chris Alder

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