Job Descriptions: Plongeur

By adamrowden, 4 Dec '12 at 15:40

This is quite possibly the most fun job in resort, and it certainly has the best name (insist on being called a plongeur and refuse to answer to KP, kitchen assistant or anything else) of all the roles you can get.

You can work as a plongeur in a hotel kitchen or in a bar/restaurant kitchen. The latter is by far the better, but they are both plenty of fun. So long as you don’t mind the minimal pay.

Basically, you are the kitchen dogsbody. You wash up, and help with the food when needed. You have very little responsibility and you get plenty of time on the slopes. Plongeurs can have fun, get hammered and work well with a hangover. You will most probably get fed up with just washing up, but at the end of the day, what more responsibility do you want? The mountain is there for the taking. And, yours is probably the easiest role to carry out whilst slightly intoxicated...

As previously mentioned, you will most probably be the lowest paid member of staff within your team, but you won’t have to interact with guests or customers much and you will have access to plenty of cooking wine in the kitchen.

You may end up not liking your chef, but remember, their role is far more stressful than yours, so try not to be too much of a wind up. I on the other hand got on famously with my head chef, so it just depends who you get I guess.

Oh, and plongeurs, due to the fact that their job is relatively easy, are also called upon to do general dogsbody work. You will most probably help with cleaning kitchen, bringing in the food delivery, snow clearance work and more. In fact, when I was a plongeur at a bar in the Alps, I had to carry out many strange jobs including, clearing fireworks off the roof; rescuing a stolen manakin from a rival bar; carrying a table up the piste after it had been used as a sled; smashing giant icicles; glass collecting; signwriting; impromptu trips to the Sherpa when we ran out of bread; and many many more.

One of the other perks of the job is that you don’t tend to need much experience in order to get the job. Some kitchen experience would always be good, but you mainly need to be hardworking and willing to roll your sleeves up and muck in.

If you go for a job as a plongeur and succeed then you will have a cracking season. You will get loads of riding in, be able to spend a lot of time in the bar, and you can have a lot of fun goofing around in the kitchen too. We used to...

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