Job Description: Maintenance Man

By adamrowden, 14 Nov '12 at 10:07

Every hotel or chalet company needs a Maintenance Man. These guys (or girls) float around from chalet to chalet solving everyone's problems. Well, that is how it is supposed to work, when in actual fact they are renowned for being hard to track down, and they often struggle to solve issues as they spend most of their time dealing with antiquated continental plumbing and electrics.

But it is not all bad. If you enjoy getting your hands dirty doing physical work, then this is most probably one of the more satisfying roles that you could have in the mountains.

Maintenance Men are required to be on call to help with any disasters that may occur across a number of chalets. You will be expected to fix plumbing issues, replace light bulbs and help with any issues to your company’s vehicles. You are pretty much a dogsbody and will need to have a certain element of patience as you will be getting hammered from all directions.

A general knowledge of basic plumbing and carpentry is essential as you will be required to carry out some tasks that the average Joe won’t be capable of. Unblocking toilets is a particularly common and unpleasant job that Maintenance staff are required to deal with.

Some Maintenance roles also require you to carry out driving duties. These can include driving to the shops when your chalet needs to buy supplies and food etc, but it can also mean driving your guests around and sometimes involves carrying out transfer work.

Changeover day can be very stressful and you will be amazed as to just how many things can go wrong at once. But, you will be hailed a hero every time you swoop in to save the day. For this reason you will need to be very comfortable working under pressure and to tight deadlines.

I appreciate that I am not painting this role in the best of lights, but it most certainly isn’t all bad. When things are going well you can have very little to do which leaves you with plenty of time to spend out on the slopes. And, another perk is that your workload can be varied, meaning you won’t spend every week going through the same repetitive schedule.

You are also not required to be up early preparing breakfast for your guests, so those bluebird powder mornings are, more often than not, a highlight of your job. There is nothing worse than having to work whilst your mates are all out having fun in deep, fluffy powder.

You will need to be a hands on individual, preferably with maintenance experience. You will need to be able to drive as well as a decent knowledge of plumbing, electrical and mechanical repair work. All in all, you need to be Mr Practical and have a hard working attitude, whilst being logistically sound.

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