Job Description: Chalet Host

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Chalet hosting roles vary from company to company but most of them will see you working closely with a chalet chef to help with providing your guests with cracking food and caring for them whilst they are staying with you. Or, if there is no chalet chef, then you will be responsible for the running of the chalet and cooking the meals.

Your role is to be friendly and helpful to your guests and ensure that their stay in your chalet is as enjoyable as possible. You may also be required to prepare, or help prepare, breakfast afternoon tea and a three course evening meal, although your involvement in this will vary depending on whether your chalet has its own chef (as previously mentioned).

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Chalet reps/hosts/girls/boys (every company has a different description) are important jobs as you will have close day-to-day contact with the guests. You are also responsible for keeping the chalet clean and generally looking after the welfare of the guests.

Chalets can range in size from 6 to 40 bed properties and many companies also run Club Hotels which can take many more. Generally it will just be you and few others (however, it can sometimes just be you!), unless you have more than 12 guests, although you can expect help from 'floating' members of staff.

Most companies do not require written qualifications, although relevant catering and budgeting experience is very useful. Many companies will ask you to complete a menu plan prior to interview. The menus should be of a dinner party standard, offering good wholesome meals with a local flavour, but taking into consideration available food supplies and budgetary constraints.

Chalet hosts tend to work six days a week, with one day off which tends to be in the middle of the week. You will need to be a good people person who is warm and friendly and able to work in close proximity to your guests.

You will also be required to have some kitchen experience or at least be comfortable at the stove with a good eye for food. As well as cooking and cleaning, you will also be responsible for the completion and submission of weekly chalet accounts as well as the safekeeping of receipts relevant to this task.

You may also be responsible for working with the resort team to help promote events taking place in resort as well as services your company offers, in order to generate income for the company and reach resort sales targets.

You will have to be used to getting up early, in order to help with breakfast, and you will have to get used to missing first lifts as you spend your mornings making beds and preparing afternoon tea. You will also get very used to making the most of your days off! And, you will never tire of drinking beer that has been left by departing guests.

Chalet hosting can be very rewarding and you get to work closely within a small team, which can help you to form lifelong friendships.

If you are thinking of applying for a role as a chalet host then why not give your CV an added boost and take part in the Natives Chalet Cookery Course?

We also have guides to help you prepare the perfect menu plan and to get through the toughest of interviews.

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