Job Description: Chalet Assistant

By adamrowden, 11 Dec '12 at 12:03

One of the most common roles within a ski resort is the humble chalet assistant. These seasonaires are like the worker ants in the nest, but without the ability to carry 100 times their own weight, and if you don’t mind hard work, partying and mountains, then this might just be the perfect job for you.

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Chalet assistants, or chalet boys/girls, are employed to help with the running of the chalet whilst providing a welcoming atmosphere for the guests and ensure that you maintain the standards of the company you are working for.

Your job involves a wide variety of different roles from helping the guests with their luggage when they arrive to offering them information about the chalet and resort. You will also be required to help clean the chalet and help with service during meal times.

When it comes to the catering side of the job, you will be required to assist with the set-up and serving of breakfast and evening meals as well as cleaning the dining area and kitchen afterwards. You will always be required to maintain excellent standards of cleanliness and tidiness at all times with yourself and when cleaning the guest bedrooms, bathrooms and the communal areas within the chalet.

There will be times when you will wish that you could lift 100 times your own weight as there are certain physical aspects to your job. You will often be required to help with the deliveries, snow clearing, and assisting with luggage.

Most chalet companies will be looking to recruit people who are confident and good at interacting with people and they will also want you to be very hard working and able to get out of bed in the morning. Most chalet companies offer their staff accommodation, food, lift passes and ski rental as a part of their job, which is always an added bonus, as your wage will never be an astronomical figure.

Any customer service work is very useful in helping you get through the application process and it is also advised that you take part in one of our Natives Chalet Cookery Courses, as these can vastly improve your CV and make you instantly more employable.

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