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So you've got your job sorted for the season and are heading off to the Alps? Congratulations! But what to take with you? How to pack for five months of fun, hard work, skiing, snowboarding, partying and a bit more fun?

If you're working for a tour operator, you'll most likely be travelling out by coach, so you don't have to worry about fitting everything into a Ryanair-restricted 15kg.

However, there will probably be restrictions of some sorts on how much you can take, so check with your employer before you pack three board bags.

Along with the usual kit you'd take on a skiing/snowboarding holiday, consider our list of handy things to take with you that you might not have considered: What to take with you

The Natives chat room is a great resource to speak to experienced season workers about what to pack. The most common piece of advice given on there is to take plenty of socks! Browse it, or join in the discussion and post your own questions: Chat room

And finally, read all about living and working in a ski resort with our book, the Natives Guide to Working in Ski Resorts. Buy your copy for just £8.99 from our shop: Online shop.

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