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Natives is the season workers website, and as such we want to give you the maximum assistance finding and getting your dream job. We've been out questioning companies and finding out what/who they're really looking for.

Will Condor, Recruitment Advisor team Leader, from Crystal kindly answered our questions to give you a bit of a better idea as to what Crystal Ski look for in a potential employee.

Crystal Ski, are the UK's number one ski tour operator, with decades of experience delivering outstanding holidays to the world's best ski resorts in Europe and North America. Crystal pride themselves in offering excellent service through their exceptional staff members, hand picked to individual customer's needs, from their specialist chalets team through to their friendly and professional resort staff.

They have been in business since the early 80's and are part of the TUI Specialist & Activity sector; the most diverse and unique collection of travel businesses in the world. As part of TUI Travel Plc, the world’s largest travel organisation, their employees have the opportunity for year round employment. So they really are a company that you will be wanting to work for.

Crystal are proud to be true ski experts and their in resort service is built around a highly knowledgeable team who recognise the needs and interests of each and every customer. They employ ski passionate people with a true love of snow sports. Their teams are made up of like minded individuals who can talk with energy and enthusiasm to their customers and provide a professional insight into their products and locations to ensure they get the best out of their holiday.

Natives: What makes a good CV?
Will: Work experience. Good Layout. Good grammar and spelling . A few interesting interests you have.
Natives: What do you look for in a covering letter?
Will: A little bit of your personality, why do you want this job with us and not another company?
Natives: What would make a candidate stand out (in a good way) in their application?
Will: When you fill out the 'additional comments' section, it shows you have more to bring to the table and you've taken the time to fill it out.
Natives: What do you like candidates to wear for interview?
Will: Smart, preferably suits. No fancy dress.
Natives: Do you have group interviews? If so, can you give an example of they type of activity you would do?
Will: Group assessment days involve a group exercise as well as a number of individual and written assessments and 1 to 1 interviews.
Natives: Do you conduct regional interviews?
Will: Yes
Natives: What qualities do you look for in candidates?
Will: Passion for skiing and the job they will be doing. Organised, mature, hard working, good communication skills and positive attitude.
Natives: How many seasons has your longest serving member of staff been with you?
Will: 10years
Natives: Funniest interview you’ve ever held?
Will: One of the Recruitment Advisors was told by a girl 'I love you'...I hope she was referring to the company, and not him?!
Natives: Complete no’s in an interview?
Will: Don’t chew gum, slouch in your chair, avoid eye contact or answer your phone.
Natives: Best of times in resort?
Will: Sking in waist deep fresh powder on Christmas Day with all of the Sauze D'Oulx team and stopping for one or two mulled wines along the way!
Natives: Worst of times in resort?
Will: When you're trying to get 500guests onto 10buses in 2hours and they keep shouting at you because they get on the first bus they see, which is usually the wrong one.
Natives: Top tips for getting the job?
Will: Prepare. If you have to organise something for your interview e.g. a speech, presentation etc make sure you know it inside out. Know the job you're applying for, what attributes are the assessors looking for and do you have them?
Natives: Words of wisdom for time in resort?
Will: HAVE FUN! It will be the best few months of your life!

Check out Crystal''s current vacancies here.

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