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By adamrowden, 20 Jul '12 at 09:36

Natives is the season workers website, and as such we want to give you the maximum assistance finding and getting your dream job. We've been out questioning companies and finding out what/who they're really looking for.

There must be a reason why Supertravel clients return year after year to book their ideal luxury skiing holiday. Maybe it's their flexible approach: they don't sell rigid ski holiday packages where guests are ushered into huge coaches like cattle.

They find out the needs, expectations and budget of each client before making their recommendations. Whether you’re looking for the best ski resort in Europe, a luxury ski chalet or a true wild west American ski resort, every Supertravel experience is tailor-made.

But what should you expect if you are working for Supertravel? Well, we spoke to the lovely Harry Alderson, Overseas Recruitment Manager, at Supertravel Ski sat down with us to answer our questions.

Natives: What roles are you recruiting for?
Harry: Resort managers, Chalet Managers, Resort Administrators, Handymen, Chalet Chefs, Chalet Hosts, Chalet Assistants.
Natives: Which resorts are you recruiting for?
Harry: St Anton and Courchevel 1850.
Natives: What makes a good CV?
Harry: Well set out, concise with no spelling or grammatical mistakes drawing particular attention to relevant previous positions.
Natives: What do you look for in a covering letter?
Harry: That it is addressed to the right organisation and the right person! That it is concise and highlights their main attributes (personal and professional) .
Natives: What would make a candidate stand out (in a good way) in their application?
Harry: All of the above!
Natives: What do you like candidates to wear for interview?
Harry: Smart casual- I don’t expect a full suit but it is nice for people to make an effort and not turn up in jeans.
Natives: Do you have group interviews? If so, can you give an example of they type of activity you would do?
Harry: No.
Natives: Do you conduct regional interviews?
Harry: No.
Natives: What qualities do you look for in candidates?
Harry: A good team player with a can do attitude, willing to go the extra mile for our clients. Polite, personable with a sense of humour with the relevant skill set.
Natives: How many seasons has your longest serving member of staff been with you?
Harry: 14!
Natives: Funniest interview you’ve ever held?
Harry: When asked at the end of the interview ‘do you have any more questions for me’ the applicant replied ‘are you single’.
Natives: Complete no’s in an interview?
Harry: Chewing gum. Swearing. Not preparing what is asked of you, being late. If they are running late or can’t make the day not letting us know.
Natives: Best of times in resort?
Harry: Bluebird days, Headband Tuesdays, Rock and Roll Sundays, resort mass exodus to the Bosses des Bosses...... too many to write down!
Natives: Worst of times in resort?
Harry: Broken bones, pneumonia, leaving at the end of the season.
Natives: Top tips for getting the job?
Harry: Be honest, professional, do your research and be yourself!
Natives: Words of wisdom for time in resort?
Harry: Make the most of your time in resort, the end of the season always comes too soon.

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