How to get a job with Ski Total

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We speak to the Area Manager for Ski Total, who gave us some great insights into how you can get a job with them. Read on for some great hints and tips to help you get a ski resort job.

Ski Total offers you one of the widest selections of catered chalets and chalet hotels across The Alps. They have over 120 properties in some of the best resorts in Europe including Meribel, Tignes, St Anton and Zermatt. Ski Total also operate stunning and luxury chalets many of which have swimming pools, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms.

They employ a huge number of staff with positions in catering, operations and management and seek staff with the passion, desire and experience to be the best in the industry. The exciting roles they have available, range from Head Chef to Kitchen Assistant and Chalet Assistant to Resort Manager, so if you are looking for a hugely rewarding and challenging season, whether your ambitions are for a one off season or to drive your career forward within the travel and hospitality industry then pop and speak to them at the Natives Jobs Fair.

And we spoke to Ruaridh Wightman the Area Manager for Ski Total and he gave us the inside knowlege of how to get a job with them...

Natives: What roles are you recruiting for?
Ruaridh: Chalet and hotel chefs, chalet hosts, some final management positions, resort representatives and we’re always on the lookout for qualified nannies.
Natives: Which resorts are you recruiting for?
Ruaridh: The British favourites in Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland. Yes that includes Val d’Isere and Courchevel.
Natives: What makes a good CV?
Ruaridh: Enthusiasm for the position applied for is really great to see, and a genuine effort to tailor the CV to the job applied for!
Natives: What do you look for in a covering letter?
Ruaridh: Again, a feeling for their personality and some passion for the job.
Natives: What would make a candidate stand out (in a good way) in their application?
Ruaridh: A bit mundane, but a well-formatted CV is great to see. A punchy, interesting personal statement also sets the tone well. Convey your personality as it is that as much as your experience that we are employing you for.
Natives: What do you like candidates to wear for interview?
Ruaridh: It doesn’t matter what job you’re applying for, you can never be too smart.
Natives: Do you have group interviews? If so, can you give an example of they type of activity you would do?
Ruaridh: Yes we do as we think it’s important to see how our interviewees interact with others in the group. They might have to give a brief introduction on themselves and present a prepared task depending on their position. We also eat a lot of cake.
Natives: Do you conduct regional interviews?
Ruaridh: Yes, in Newcastle, Nottingham, Manchester, Bristol and of course in our offices in London and Fleet.
Natives: What qualities do you look for in candidates?
Ruaridh: In brief, we’re trying to find someone who’s outgoing, personable and independent, that can work hard for 5 months, but enjoy it and all the other amazing perks of living in the Alps at the same time.
Natives: How many seasons has your longest serving member of staff been with you?
Ruaridh: About 10 seasons.
Natives: Funniest interview you’ve ever held?
Ruaridh: Throwing rings at a paper mache snowman head to earn points was slightly bizarre, but he’d prepared it all well and it got the candidate a job as a Snow Ranger!
Natives: Complete no’s in an interview?
Ruaridh: Failing to have prepared the task, lateness (for no good reason) and not talking. Talk or we cannot employ you!.
Natives: Best of times in resort?
Ruaridh: Fancy dress ski races on the mountain organised by the Ski Club of Great Britain.
Natives: Worst of times in resort?
Ruaridh: Ash clouds...
Natives: Top tips for getting the job?
Ruaridh: Get past the initial application with a good CV and then your personality should seal the deal. It’s also great to see someone who has actually done a bit of research into who we are.
Natives: Words of wisdom for time in resort?
Ruaridh: There are 3 things you can do on a season- work, go out and ski. You can only truly do two of those well. We only ask that one of these must be work, the other one you can choose. But remember, only one of these finishes at the end of April…

Check out Ski Total's current vacancies here.

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