How to get a job with Le Ski

By adamrowden, 20 Jul '12 at 09:35

Natives is the season workers website, and as such we want to give you the maximum assistance finding and getting your dream job. We've been out questioning companies and finding out what/who they're really looking for.

We spoke to Caitlin Smith from Le Ski to find out all about what they look for in potential candidates.

Le Ski is a well-respected independent tour operator which has been running catered chalet holidays since 1982. Family owned and run, they have an extremely good reputation for looking after their staff, which helps them to take extra-special care of their guests. They believe in keeping things simple, so they only go to high resorts - Courchevel, La Tania and Val d'Isère - and they only do catered chalets.

Here is what Caitlin had to say.

Natives: What roles are you recruiting for?
Caitlin: Chalet staff, Ski Guides, Nannies, Managers, Maintenance.
Natives: Which resorts are you recruiting for?
Caitlin: Val d’Isere, La Tania and Courchevel
Natives: What makes a good CV?
Caitlin: Something different but honest in 2 pages or less. Good spelling and grammar are always noted, as is a good grasp of computer skills. And always draw attention to the relevant stuff (as in – don’t waffle on about your city job if it bears no relevance to the job description!)
Natives: What do you look for in a covering letter?
Caitlin: Succinct paragraph or two explaining why someone is applying and what they are looking for. Nothing more!
Natives: What would make a candidate stand out (in a good way) in their application?
Caitlin: Nice handwriting, and a sense of personality rather than churning out the same old clichés
Natives: What do you like candidates to wear for interview?
Caitlin:We don’t set a formal dress code as seasonnaires don’t always have suits! (and even if they do, they feel uncomfortable in them) Smart jeans are OK, but nothing scruffy and NO HATS!
Natives: Do you have group interviews? If so, can you give an example of they type of activity you would do?
Caitlin: No, we try and make people feel comfortable to get the best out of them, and group interviews often make candidates very nervous
Natives: Do you conduct regional interviews?
Caitlin: London and Huddersfield
Natives: What qualities do you look for in candidates?
Caitlin: We think that the way a candidate behaves with us during interview is going to be similar to how they will interact with guests, so as well as having relevant experience, our staff are all natural communicators who can hold a conversation with anyone.
Natives: How many seasons has your longest serving member of staff been with you?
Caitlin: We have a chalet couple on either 17 or 18 seasons, we’ve lost count! Aside from us permanent staff, we have another guy on 6, and several others on 3/4/5 seasons. We are really lucky and have around 25% returners each year
Natives: Funniest interview you’ve ever held?
Caitlin: A very memorable one was a guy who brought us a dessert feast! Complete with vanilla mascarpone and kirsch-marinated cherries to go with his immaculate cherry and almond tarte… Topped off with antibacterial handwash! Needless to say he got the job, and is coming back for his 2nd season…
Natives: Complete no’s in an interview?
Caitlin: As in, have we interviewed anyone who was a definite ‘no’ straight away? Yes quite a few! People who don’t talk back, usually… Things not to do in interviews: [/B]forget about body language, don’t listen, and talk about skiing too much (we don’t really care how much you love it, unless you’re a Ski Guide!)
Natives: Best of times in resort?
Caitlin: I know I should say something ski-related, but Bring Your Sisters, La Boulotte, Courchevel 1650 is up there!
Natives: Worst of times in resort?
Caitlin: Last season it was dealing with the knock-on effects of our flight cancellations due to the volcanic ash cloud, all on a pretty big hangover, thanks to the above!
Natives: Top tips for getting the job?
Caitlin: Be polite and friendly and ask questions.
Natives: Words of wisdom for time in resort?
Caitlin: Drink loads of water, take a really good moisturiser and always ski as if you’re on film.
Check out Le Ski's current vacancies here

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