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By adamrowden, 20 Jul '12 at 09:35

Here at Natives we work as hard as we can to ensure that you get as much information as you can to help you get that dream job in the Alps or another resort. Here we interview Vikki Barker from Alpine Elements.

Vikki is the HR Executive at Alpine Elements, who were established in 1997 with a view to providing that little bit extra' for their guests. Every year that has passed since then, they have continued to improve the service that their guests receive and to expand their operation.

Working for Alpine Elements is no longer just alpine based. Whilst they still have a fantastic winter and summer alpine program, they now also have a fantastic beach club program – Ocean Elements. So whether your passion is skiing, mountain biking or windsurfing, they have something to offer you.

They realise that resort staff have been instrumental in the continued success of the company and they hand pick their staff, not only for their experience but more importantly for their enthusiasm and outgoing and friendly natures, to run their resorts and chalets.

Subsequently, their staff are required to be the best in order for the company to continue to provide that ‘little bit extra’. If you feel you have what it takes and want to be part of a company that is committed to excellence then Alpine Elements is the company for you.

They realise that hard work and commitment should be rewarded, so will provide seasonal staff with not only a competitive salary, but transport to and from resort, accommodation, food, company uniform, ski equipment hire, insurance and most importantly they will provide you with training and continued support from management thus enabling you to maximize your time on the mountain or relaxing by the pool. Basically they want to make sure that you work hard but they also care that you make the most of your season.

So, here is our interview with Vikki, about Alpine Elements and what they look for in a potential employee.

Natives: What roles are you recruiting for?
Vikki: Chalet hosts, Chalet Chefs, Supervisors, Reps, Head Reps, Chefs, Sous Chefs, Hotel Assistants, Chalet Managers. We as a rapidly expanding company also have various full time roles both in the UK, France and........
Natives: Which resorts are you recruiting for?
Vikki: Val d'Isere, Tignes, St Foy, Les Arcs, La Plagne, Meribel, Morzine, Les Gets, Chamonix, Les 2 Alpes & St Anton - but watch this space........?
Natives: What makes a good CV?
Vikki: Concise, maximum 2 pages with emphasis on jobs that need the same skill sets to the job they are applying for
Natives: What do you look for in a covering letter?
Vikki: Dear Sir/Madam/Vikki to begin not Hey Vikki maximum 3 paragraphs, what job they are applying for, why they are applying and why they would be suitable.
Natives: What would make a candidate stand out (in a good way) in their application?
Vikki: Experience, chalet cookery course - Natives, Orchards etc
Natives: What do you like candidates to wear for interview?
Vikki: I would never answer this question to a prospective employee - it's an interview look smart!
Natives: Do you have group interviews? If so, can you give an example of they type of activity you would do?
Vikki: We do have Group Assessments maximum 10, group and individual exercises then 1-1's with possible employees - very successful for us
Natives: Do you conduct regional interviews?
Vikki: Not at the moment but as we plan further growth we will go down this road.
Natives: What qualities do you look for in candidates?
Vikki: We can train people to cook, clean, present food etc - we can't train personality - so personality is a major
Natives: How many seasons has your longest serving member of staff been with you?
Vikki: 5 at the moment but we did change radically as a company a few years ago so our returners are rising
Natives: Funniest interview you’ve ever held?
Vikki: Interviewing a potential Hotel Manager on the phone, landline died, mobile died, baby crying in background and dogs constantly barking -she got the job and did 2 really great seasons - she'll read this and cringe
Natives: Complete no’s in an interview?
Vikki:Attire, wanting to take centre stage and calling me darling!
Natives: Best of times in resort?
Vikki: When a guest tells us they've had the best holiday ever!
Natives: Worst of times in resort?
Vikki: Ash cloud mayhem but we had everybody back in the UK by 5am Monday
Natives: Top tips for getting the job?
Vikki: Be yourself if your not we will quickly find you out and you will return to Chalet Gatwick!
Natives: Words of wisdom for time in resort?
Vikki: Always keep the right work/ play balance and you will have a great season.

Check out Alpine Elements' current vacancies here.

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