How to get a job as a Seasonnaire

By annysadventures, 11 Feb '16 at 12:16

This article will explore the different ways in which you can obtain a job as a seasonniare, a winter season job and summer season job, including advice on companies and websites to use.

Seasonnaire jobs can vary dramatically by company and country, offering a variety of benefits and opportunities. There are a significant number of companies offering season job throughout the world, which can make it tricky to choose which one to work for or what to do.

First of all there are a number of companies who offer both summer and winter jobs; Neilson Holidays, Mark Warner, Alpine/Ocean Elements, TUI (Crystal, Skibound, Flexiski, Sunsail, Thomson), Scott Dunn, Peligoni. These are a few of the larger companies, who offer year round work opportunities. Although this is true there are many smaller more specialist companies such as; winter seasons – skiworld, Ingham, ski weekend, VIP Chalets, HIP Chalets, Esprit, Meriski, ski-base and many more. Summer seasons – Club Med, Siblu, PGL, Travel Bound and many more.

Big companies and smaller independent companies are all have advantages and disadvantages. Big companies can offer you year round work, have a constant flow of customers, CV advantages, a large number of employees and benefits such as store discounts. Although this is all true smaller companies tend to pay higher wages, offer nicer accommodation and a more personalised experience (especially in winter seasons).

When looking for a season job I would start by thinking about the type of work you would like to do, some examples are as follows;

Summer Jobs Winter Jobs

Waitress – Chef
Chef – Spa Therapist
Spa Therapist – Bar Staff
Bike Instructor – Resort Rep
Tennis Instructor – Housekeeper
Canoe Instructor – Chalet Host
Water Ski Instructor – Hotel Host
Sailing Instructor – Waitress
Personal Trainer – Nanny/Childcare
Fitness Instructor – Ski/Snowboard Instructor
Lifeguard – Driver/ Maintenance
Resort Rep – Ski Guide
Kids Club
Front of House Staff
Resort/Hotel Management
Bar Staff

Many companies conduct interviews within the UK or over Skype. I would advise applying for a number of companies and then deciding which one to choose if you are successful. The ideal time to apply for winter season jobs is between August and October and summer jobs October – February. Recruiters do employee after these times but most spaces may already be filled. Although this is true as seasons can be long periods of time, some individuals may leave before the end of the seasons meaning they look for individuals to replace them and place them on reserve lists.

For more information on Seasonnaire life and different ways in which you can work whilst travelling, check out my blog; or my Instagram: annysadventures

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