First week as a ski instructor

By srigby, 18 Nov '14 at 12:46

The Altitude ski instructor GAP course is aimed at skiers and snowboarders who are competent on red runs and above

During the 10-week program the students follow the BASI levels 1 & 2 ski instructor training courses and complete their BASI certification exams. For those interested in teaching afterwards, Altitude offers 10 guaranteed jobs during the season, which can start immediately after completing the GAP course.

Ever wondered what your first week as a ski instructor would be like? Then read on.

For most new ski instructors teaching starts off as a bit of a shock to instruct on their own. However, in practice teaching comes naturally for all of them after all the preparation they have had over the last ten weeks. Before the week starts all new instructors are invited to the weekly ski school meeting where they will receive a briefing about the week to come.

After all the training and shadowing of classes throughout the ski instructor course, the first week generally ends up being a great teaching experience. The instructors are very confident and know what decisions to take.

Sometimes timing and organization can be a challenge, but this always comes with experience. The highlight of the week is the weekly medal ceremony for children on Friday where the instructors give a short presentation to the children and their families and hand over the certificates and badges.

Every season Altitude sees new GAP course students coming and we are delighted to see how they enjoy their work as a ski instructor. Lots of students come back to work for Altitude Ski School the season after and many more. It is an honour for us to have such a great family around!

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