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So, you fancy working a ski season? Well, you are in the right place. Natives is chock full of all the best advice that you could want, from what to take with you to how to get to resort and everything in between.

If you have some questions of your own then you can either head on over to the Natives Forum and ask the guys and gals in there - they are extremely knowledgeable and love to help out anyone who has a question - or, you can take a look at this list of FAQs. That’s Frequently Asked Questions for anyone not clued up with acronyms.

1. What job should I do?

Most of the jobs we advertise here at Natives are with tour operators. However, different people will go for different jobs. For a detailed breakdown of what each job entails, head over to our Job Descriptions page.

2. Can you send me an application form?

No, all of our recruitment is done online. Take a good look around the site - it contains all the information you need. When you decide that you want to apply you can do so either direct to tour operators via the Job Search area. Or, if you have specific skills and qualifications then you can always fill in our Job Finder form and we will contact you when appropriate positions come up.

3. When should I apply?

The main recruitment time is July-October. During this time all the companies will be busy reviewing CVs and interviewing. However, some companies recruit through Natives all year round and by May there are usually several companies seeking staff.

You shouldn't panic however if you haven't got a job by November. Companies often come to us looking for staff up to the start of the season because of last minute drop-outs. Although most of these jobs are for qualified and experienced cooks there are some general jobs available.

For more information on when to apply, read our detailed breakdown here.

4. Can you get me a job in North America?

We do find plenty of people jobs in North America each winter, but it is extremely unlikely we will be able to find you a job unless you fall into one of these two categories:

- You have a working visa for the States or Canada
- You have already worked several seasons as a chef/chalet host

Getting a visa can be very difficult. If you are a student you should attempt to get onto the BUNAC programme. If you have a BUNAC visa and you're a chef we can probably point you int the right direction.

North American resorts tend to have a different set-up from Europe, with one company owning the whole mountain. Consequently, one employer can take on staff in roles as diverse as barmen, waiters, lifties, instructors and bus drivers.

Some of the mountains do recruit in Europe around September time. Otherwise you can try finding out more at JobMonkey or Coolworks or even going out there, which again we wouldn't recommend without a visa.

For more information about working in ski resorts in North America, click here.

5. Can you get me a job in Australia/New Zealand?

Although we have found jobs for people in both of these nations, they are few and far between.
If you do want to find a job Down Under, the first step is to get hold of a visa. Then drop back to the site in January, February and March when any jobs available will be listed.

Alternatively check out our advice on skiing Down Under or in South America.

6. Can I still get a job if I'm under 21?

As a general rule, most of the companies we work with don't employ people under the age of 21, and none under the age of 18. We do however recruit for a number of overseas hotels and restaurants who do employ younger staff.. If you speak a foreign language (usually French or German), we may well be able to find you a job down this route.

Otherwise you should find that as we get closer to the season some companies will relax their rules to fill any remaining positions. They are still unlikely to have a job for you unless you have a particular skill or relevant experience. Why not consider spending some time working abroad to show that you won't be phased by the experience. If you're planning to apply for chalet positions, try and get yourself on a cookery course! This will definitely help your application, although it won't necessarily guarantee you a job.

Your final option is to go out to resort at the start of the season and try to find a job there. You can get a job like this, but you do need luck and money to see you through until you get something. An alternative is to go out just after New Year, when it's cheaper to get flights, find accommodation and a few staff have been sacked!

7. Can I get a job even if I don't have an EU passport?

The issue of visas is a very thorny one. Unfortunately in most cases you are not going to get a job without holding an EU passport, although there can be exceptions. This actually means having a passport - a UK Ancestry visa or UK residency visa is not sufficient in most cases. You can check more info on visas here.

This is because in the last five years restrictions have increased considerably. However, there are some resorts where the authorities either are unaware of the law or choose not to enforce it. These are usually the less 'British' resorts (ie not the major ones). We do recruit a number of staff each season for operators going to these resorts and can still find employment for the right candidates.

There can be other exceptions when an employer might take you on regardless of your visa status. This might be if you are applying with a partner who has the correct passport, or if you are a superb chef! (If this is the case you should email us to now and we'll get on the case for you!)

If you are dead-set on spending the winter in Europe you can also consider three other options:

- Getting an EU passport. This is often possible if you have a European relative in your immediate family.
- Going out to resort and trying to find a job. The chances are not high, but you might find someone prepared to pay you cash.
- Save some money, get a Kombi and be a 'real' ski bum for the winter

7. I'd like to work in a bar, how do I get a bar job?

Although most season workers spend much of their season in bars, usually they are on the drinking, rather than the serving side of it! The fact is that there are not as many bar jobs available as other types of jobs.

Bar jobs are few and far between, but they are still advertised on the site during the recruitment period. In the past Natives has found staff for many of the main bars in the Alps, including Le Pub (Meribel), Bar Le Jump (Courchevel), Fishtank (Tignes) and Dicks T Bars.

We suggest that you are patient, read what advertisers are looking for and check in around late-summer...

9. I only want to work in Meribel/Val d'Isere/St Anton etc…

If you really do want to insist on one particular resort, that of course is your choice. However, it will reduce your chances of getting a job and we don't recommend it. You may have friends there, but you will make great friends wherever you work… For more info click here.

10. How much will I get paid?

You can expect to get paid anything between £50 and £250 per week, depending on what country you are in, what level of responsibility you hold and what qualifications you have.

You will also get various benefits like lift passes, travel and insurance. Full details are covered here.

11. I can't work the full season…

There are some jobs just for high season periods (New Year, Feb half term, Easter) and we can also find people jobs starting from January onwards. Most employers however will only be interested if you can work from December to April inclusive.

Many of these employers are schools operators and often advertise specifically for staff either on the site or in our newsletter. Another option is repping for the Ski Club of Great Britain who are always interested in offering one to three week opportunities to experienced skiers.

12. Which company should I work for?

There are some companies with better reputations than others - it's really who you work with that's most important! However, a good starting point is to look at our 'Who to apply to' page.

What you should remember is that almost every company has some ex-employees who think they were great to work for and some who think they were useless…

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