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By ChaletCouple, 27 Oct '16 at 09:52

It’s the biggy, you’ve landed an interview woohoo! Now what?

Interviews for a chalet couples can come in a variety of forms; formal competency based, informal chats, group interviews and online interviews (Skype). However, most companies only recruit via face-to-face so if you’re living in Newcastle and the company are down in Brighton…you’d better make a weekend of it!

Whatever type of interview it is, you will mostly be led by the information given by the chalet company. If formal, turn up in a suit/shirt and tie – make an impression. If informal, wear what you may in resort (although NOT a ski jacket and salopettes!!).

Be aware that some companies may want you to prepare a presentation – make it fun, artsy, outgoing and different. Don’t turn up with a 50 page powerpoint presentation on why your family skiing trip to Bulgaria 1999 was the best holiday of your life ZZzzz…take in an item to discuss, bake a cake and explain how you did it (and what went wrong!), prepare a poem, tell them that hilarious story about how you both met…anything that will make you stand out from the countless other applicants.

If you need to create and display a 6 day meal plan as part of your interview, be damn sure you can actually cook what’s on it. Don’t just take the fanciest looking meals out of your mums favourite cookbook and certainly don’t pretend you’re Mary Berry if you’re more Jennifer Saunders with baking! And be sure you know the ingredients and recipes well…they will test you on them!

By far the best interviews are the ones where recruiters invite you for an ‘informal chat’ about the company and roles available. If they send emails where the recruiter describes what you WILL be doing in resort and the villages you WILL be working in and not what you MIGHT be doing IF you got the job, then as long as you smile and are polite and friendly at interview, the job is probably 90% already yours!

And that’s pretty much what it boils down to – if you’re made for the role, your personality will shine through. You’ll be chatty, engaging, polite and friendly throughout (all traits needed for the role!!) and it’ll become clear to the recruiters that you’ve got what it takes. A Chalet Couple is one of those roles in life where experience isn’t always necessary.

Oh, and research! Much like the the application stage, you’d better be sure that you know where they operate, how big they are, how many years in operation and roughly what the clientele/chalets/food is like. The more you know, the more they’ll be impressed.

And if they reject you – just look how many companies there are! Try again and it’ll become easier. As mentioned in a previous blog, if they believe you meet the absolute minimum standards, you’re hired on a first come first served basis; they will not wait for a ‘better’ applicant!

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