Job Description: Resort Rep

By adamrowden, 6 Dec '12 at 14:17

If you are hardworking, patient and good with people, then you may just make a good resort rep. If you are lacking any of these three key elements then please, don’t take on this role, you may end up seriously harming a punter.

Resort Reps are the face of the company. You are basically there to deal directly with the customers, to ensure that they are having as good a time as possible. If you are the person for the role then repping can be a great way to enjoy a season.

You do get plenty of time on the slopes and you also get to really immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the resort, but you will be working hard and, you will also have to be prepared to deal with customer complaints on a regular basis.

Reps have to work in often problematic situations. You will have to conduct welcome meetings, facilitate airport transfers and deal with complaints and queries frequently. You will also be responsible for dealing with resort admin, which will require you to be well organised and good with numbers.

Reps also get to take out groups as part of their company’s ski tour options. This can be great, getting out on the slopes as a part of your job! But, it can also be awful. Especially when your mates are all in the backcountry in chest-deep powder and you have to take the guests out on the blues cruise.

In order to get a job as a resort rep you will have to have some experience in working in a customer service related role. More often than not you will also be required to have a range of customer service experience. Seeing as you are the face of the company you will sometimes be required to have some language skills for the nation in which you are hoping to work. Moten than not you will be required to have conversational French, or Italian, or German etc.

Other skills that will be required of you include problem solving, interpersonal skills and a flexible working approach. It is also desired that you have previous experience in the tourism industry, although this tends not to be essential, and the same goes for your ability to confidently drive in a ski resort environment.

Oh, and you will most probably also be required to be able to ski well on red runs, as you may end up taking guests out on ski tours... You may just end up becoming an alcoholic chain smoker, but that isn’t too bad is it?

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