A Day in the life of a Resort Driver

By natives_cs, 12 Aug '15 at 11:50

Ever wondered what it is like to work for Powder Byrne as a Resort Driver? Here is a day in the life...

After a solid 9hrs sleep and a traditional continental breakfast, I’d hop in the van, get the tunes blaring, pick up the rest of the team and head to the hotels for about 8:00. Morning shuttles usually run from about 8:30 to 9:45. After that I’d head back to HQ for a bacon sarnie and to help the RM run errands around resort. Depending on whether I have a transfer or not, that’s when I’d head up the mountain for a solid few hours. If the other guys were particularly busy, sometimes I’d even get involved with the kids clubs and give them a hand. Either that, or I’d link up with some of the locals.

In the afternoon I’d usually aim to run afternoon shuttles between 15:00 and 16:30 followed by the team meeting. This is where I’d sit down with the other team members who are able to drive, and run through the concierge plan for that evening. Depending on how busy I’d be that evening, these next few hours are a great opportunity to knock back some grub and wait for the phone to ring. As concierge only runs until about 21:30 there’s always plenty of time to head out of a beer or two once I’ve finished up.
Saturday obviously runs a little differently. With the help of the team I’d prep and load up all the vans the night before. Come Saturday morning, I’d load all the ‘airport team’ into the van and cruise  down to whichever airport we’ve been allocated to, which usually involved a cheeky Maccys stop on the way there. Here I’d touch base with a senior member of staff as well as the rest of the teams from other resorts. With any luck all the flights will land on time and the clients make it through customs pretty quickly. I’d pick up whichever family I’ve been allocated, take their luggage, whisk them up to the van and head back to resort. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know the family a bit, the part of the job that I enjoy above any other. I was able to answer any questions they may have, chat to them about potential activities aside from skiing they might want to do, confirm restaurants, ski instruction...the lot. Either that, or they’ll just fall straight to sleep. Once we make it safely up to resort I’d either drop them at their hotel or take them straight to ski hire, the Resort Manager always gave me the heads up as to where he wanted us to go. For the rest of the afternoon I’d usually hang around resort shuttling people to and from ski hire and helping out where possible. Fingers crossed we all finish up earlyish and head back to base for a debrief, make a plan for the next day and sink beer or two.
There is truly no better way to see the Alps than on their roads. I would recommend this experience to anybody looking for a job that offers you freedom to visit a variety of resorts, different countries, work within mixed teams, manage your own schedule and of course spend as much free time as possible cruising the slopes. Working for Powder Byrne offered me the perfect balance between all of these, so don’t miss out!

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