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So there is no such thing as a 'typical day' being a Nanny or any childcare role for that matter but our main aim is to make sure the child/children and their families have an enjoyable safe adventure in The Alps.

A Sunday is our day off, but it's also guest transfer day. This means after a great day of skiing we run home, change into our uniform and go meet the guests for the week. It's just a nice way of introducing yourself; getting to know the family and ask them any questions - find out the likes and dislikes of the children. Explain ski school and timings and let them know what fun we will be up to during the week. It also means it's not as daunting for the child in the morning, once the parents leave, as they have the opportunity to meet us on Sunday eve.

After this, the nannies (it's just me and one other in this resort) normally go for food or a drink to unwind before our week ahead.

On a Monday, this would be our first day working with the children. However, each day is completely different So there is never a 'typical day'. If I was working with a child that goes to ski school, I would drop them off and pick them up (depending on what the parents request is) if it was a morning lesson, we would go back to the chalet, I'd have an activity set up suitable for the age and interests for the child, whilst I make lunch. After lunch, (again if I'm still working) we would do another activity (depending on the child's preference) this would normally be building/ painting a snowman outside!! Taking the bubble down to the park, going bowling or for a crepe and hot chocolate or taking a bus up to the altiport to watch the aeroplanes take off. Sledging is also an option!! Those are the typical activities suitable for any age of the child!

As a Nanny, we are known to be flexible and cater to our guests needs, we are there to ensure the children are having a fun filled holiday making the most of skiing/the outdoors! Whilst the parents can feel relaxed when they are in our care and make it as stress free for them.

We work 8 consecutive hours, the parents can decide what they are as long and the times - are in the bracket of 8:30am - 8.00pm. We also offer babysitting for when the parents fancy heading out for a meal or Apres!!

As a VIP Nanny, we are there to be flexible and fun!

Author- Gemma Mills, Meribel
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