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You want to ski in NZ? Chances are you'll end up in Queenstown at some point. KiwiNewz is full of travel tips for anyone visiting the South Island, so we asked Evan, ski expert at the site, for his advice to visitors:

> So, what advice can you lend visitors planning a week in in Queenstown?

OK here's the three point plan.

1. Pace yourself :-)
Especially on the snow. Ease those muscles in to the hill and enjoy the chairlift rides.

2. Go up the mountain.
If you plan to, do it. And do it early. I have had some of my best days skiing in the rain. It's true. Mt Ruapehu. I have some of my best memories sitting in the car park being rocked by gale force winds. It's true. Mt Hutt. Then again, I've had some of my best days with brilliant sunshine and fresh powder. All over.

3. Explore
Plan a day off and a drive around the basin. Go check out the bungy or have a spin in a jet boat. These are some of the things we are good at.

> And which mountain should we first target??
If you are flying in to Queenstown I would definitely check out Coronet Peak on your first day. Even an afternoon or night session if you arrive middayish. Coronet is real close to town so it's quick and easy to get up there. You might as well go straight from the airport. Have a few runs, settle in to the Wakatipu basin, have a look around and plan the next few days.

The 5 snow areas all offer a slightly different experience, and they all have their day. Picking it is something even locals get wrong...ften. If I had a dollar for every one of those legendary big falls at Treble Cone or the Remarkables that I missed...

Have a great holiday!


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